Load shedding improves further in N regions-Baropukuria Coal Power Plant continuously generates 250 MW

Load shedding improves further in N regions-Baropukuria Coal Power Plant continuously generates 250 MW

The overall power supply situation improved further in the northern region of the country as the continuous supply of 240 MW power generated to the national grid from the 250 MW Baropukuria Coal Fired Power Plant (BCFPP) in recent months, reports BSS.

Situated at Baropukuria in Parbotipur upazila of Dinajpur, the BCFPP has now ushered in a new hope in the agriculture, industries, business sectors and common life in the region, officials said.

The consortium of three Chinese companies – China Machinery Export and Import Company (CMC), Shenjhen Electric Engineering Corporation (SEEC) and Shanghai Electric Corporation (SEC) will officially hand over the completed project on next June 30 to the authorities of Power Development Board (PDB) as all tests, and verifications have now finished.

According to senior officials of the project, both of the first and second 125 MW units of the 250 MW BCFPP are now successfully producing 250 MW power on commercial basis to add 240 MW more power to the national grid daily keeping only 10 MW generated power for consumption by the BCFPP itself as its own requirements.

The first 125 MW unit was put into commercial power generation from January 16 creating a new history of its kind for the first time in the power generation sector of the country and thus Bangladesh entered into a new era for the first time in the history of power generating using its own resources, officials said.

Later, the unit was put on a technical rest for about two months till March 27 for safe maintenance of the imported sophisticated machines and equipment.

Earlier, the second 125 MW capacity unit was put on uninterrupted commercial power generation from February 15.

” Now, 240 MW generated power from the BCFPP is being added to the national grid through the Alamnagar station in Rangpur city leaving only 10 MW for consumption by the BCFPP itself,” senior engineers and experts of the BCFPP said today.

” The BCFPP started producing and supplying uninterrupted full capacity power to the national grid from April though there were some interruptions on technical grounds earlier and power is now being generated with almost no interruptions,” they added.

According to BCFPP officials, the Taka 1,634 crore giant project has been completed with a Chinese supplier’s credit of Taka 1,034 crore by the Chinese consortium of three companies. The government of Bangladesh has provided Taka 600 crore for the project from its own resources.

The BCFPP, the first of its kind in the country, is now consuming locally extracted 2,000 tones of raw coal being supplied from the nearby Baropukuria Coal Mine Project (BCMP) daily for generating 250 MW power and there are huge reserves of lifted coal for smooth functioning of the BCFPP, officials said.

They said 2,000 people have now been provided with jobs and 2,000 tonnes of coal are being consumed daily for smooth and uninterrupted power generation by the BCFPP.

Source: www.bangladesh-web.com

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