MachineTalker(R) Enters Petroleum and Power Generation Industries

MachineTalker(R) Enters Petroleum and Power Generation Industries

Saturday, August 26th 2006

MachineTalker®, Inc., developer of smart wireless security networks, has introduced its remote, intelligent sensors into the industrial sensing and control market through an OEM agreement with Sense-Comm Technology, LLC. Sense-Comm has targeted the petroleum industry, power generation companies and water treatment facilities for initial implementations of sensor networks designed to enhance operational efficiency, environmental safety and Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM).

According to Mikell Becker, President of Sense-Comm, “The wireless network capabilities of the MachineTalker® devices give us a robust platform upon which to develop solutions for industrial control applications. We intend to enhance data quality and timeliness by pushing intelligence out to the remote sensing points while interacting with existing distributed control systems that use either existing sensor types or advanced digital sensors.”

A typical application in a refinery may encompass the use of accelerometers and other vibration sensors to detect potential problems in rotating equipment which can lead to catastrophic failure if left undetected. CBM requires periodic readings from sensors on important equipment to detect unusual conditions that are precursors to such failure. Other applications might include instrumenting a transfer pump in a Tank Farm with several temperature and vibration sensors, and rapidly sensing accidental emission of toxic or noxious gases from processing plants to increase personnel safety and reduce community impact.

Becker added, “Our decision to use MachineTalker technology for these applications was an easy decision. The capabilities that Talkers bring are light years ahead of anything else on the market. Moreover, wireless sensors that incorporate the latest technology can be implemented less expensively and more easily than typical wired sensor installations.”

Roland F. Bryan, MachineTalker’s CEO, concluded, “We are delighted to bring Sense-Comm into the fold as one of our OEMs. The markets they service will benefit from these sophisticated remote monitoring and control systems. We are pleased to see our products being used in such important applications.”

About MachineTalker® (MTKN)

MachineTalker, Inc., founded in 2002, has developed a breakthrough technology — smart security networks that allow governments, businesses and individuals to rapidly deploy wireless security and tracking systems to protect people, places and things. The Company’s proprietary technology embodies innovative features in the networking of intelligent devices for shared processing and reporting of data in remote security and control applications. Contact: or view on the web at:

About Sense-Comm Technology

Sense-Comm Technology, LLC is an OEM design and implementation company which engineers and distributes intelligent wireless sensor networks for industrial sensing and control applications, and supply chain and security applications. Headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, the company is developing products to provide intelligent sensing, command and control systems that integrate with the critical infrastructure of key industries. Potential markets include: Industrial Process Controls, Manufacturing Execution Systems, Supply Chain Management and Homeland Security. Contact: or view on the web at:

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