Mine Site Technologies and Rajant Corporation Deploy Wireless Mesh Systems in Two Mines

Mine Site Technologies and Rajant Corporation Deploy Wireless Mesh Systems in Two Mines

Rajant Corporation, a leading provider of portable mobile wireless networking solutions, announced today that its global partner Mine Site Technologies (MST) has secured two new mining deployments in Australia using the Rajant BreadCrumb® wireless mesh solution. Recently announced as Rajant’s global partner for mining, MST is the leading mining solutions provider, specializing in the development and supply of communications technology and services to the global mining industry.

Beaconsfield Gold is an underground gold mine owned by Beaconsfield Gold, N.L., and is Australia’s richest gold vein located in Tasmania. Pooncarie Mineral Sands is located in Pooncarie, New South Wales, Australia, and is a Gingko surface operation mine owned by Bemax Resources Limited.

“We are very pleased with the results of this powerful partnership,” said Peter Lenard, Senior Vice President, Business Development for Rajant. “MST’s strong reputation and mining expertise paired with Rajant’s dependable wireless mesh solutions make a winning combination for the customer.”

The two mines will deploy a large number of Rajant BreadCrumb® systems in an interconnected wireless, meshed, self-healing network that will allow loader trucks, shovels, pumps, laptops and other production equipment to communicate with each other in real-time. Many devices that require wireless communications are constantly on the move throughout these mines and the BreadCrumb® nodes will be able to quickly adapt to changes in the network topology, assuring that IP traffic uptime and bandwidth are maximized. A unique benefit of the Rajant network is that no ‘root node’, central access point or ‘LAN controller’ is required, thus eliminating additional network latency and single points of failure.

“MST is encouraged by the results, as well as the extensive interest received for the Rajant wireless mesh technology from global customers in open pit and underground operations,” said Mike Foletti, Vice President of Mine Site Technologies USA. “We are in discussions with other major mining operators for deployments in Australia, South Africa, Dominican Republic, the U.S. and Canada.”

Rajant Corporation enables secure communications-on-the-move through a portable meshed wireless network that can rapidly reconfigure and adapt in real-time. Rajant’s BreadCrumb® Wireless solutions provide networks for Mining, Homeland Security, Military, First Responders and Public Safety and provide voice and data communications across a meshed, self-healing network. Rajant’s BreadCrumb network nodes communicate with IP based client devices such as laptops, PDAs, video cameras, satellite terminals, networked radios, RFID’s and sensor devices. Please visit www.rajant.com or call (484) 595-0233.

Mine Site Technologies (MST) is a global mining communications company with technologies installed in over 350 mines in Australia, China, the United States, Canada, Chile, Tanzania, Mexico and Sweden. MST’s expertise includes underground communications, remote blasting systems, mine tagging, tracking systems, high data surface networks for remote mining sites and open pit communications. For more information, please visit www.minesite.com.au or call +61 2 9437 4399.

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