Mineral production up 4.31% for April 2006 (India)

Mineral production up 4.31% for April 2006 (India)

Mineral production from mining and quarrying sector in April 2006 increased 4.31 per cent at Rs 6,251 crore, as compared to the corresponding month in the previous year, with coal contributing 41 per cent to the total revenues.

Coal contributed 41 per cent to the total revenue generated at Rs 2,560 crore. Petroleum (crude) at Rs 1,533 crore is the second highest contributor, while natural gas (utilized) contributed Rs 762 crore, iron ore Rs 710 crore, lignite Rs 154 crore and limestone Rs 158 crore, an official release said.

Production level of coal for the month stood at 323 lakh tonnes, lignite 22 lakh tonnes, natural gas (utilized) 2631 million cu m, petroleum (crude) 28 lakh tonnes, bauxite 1,119 thousand tonnes, chromite 479 thousand tonnes, copper conc 11 thousand tonnes and gold 179 kg.

The production level of iron ore was 152 lakh tonnes, lead conc 10 thousand tonnes, manganese ore 169 thousand tonnes, zinc conc 86 thousand tonnes, apatite & phosphorite 105 thousand tonnes, diamond 2 thousand carat, dolomite 361 thousand tonnes, limestone 150 lakh tonnes and magnesite 19 thousand tonnes, it added.

During the month, output of apatite and phosphorite increased by 78.03 per cent, lead conc by 6.07 per cent, chromite by 2.26 per cent and dolomite by 1.65 per cent.

However, the production of zinc conc, limestone, petroleum (crude), natural gas, magnesite, bauxite, iron ore, manganese ore, gold, lignite, coal and diamond dipped below the previous years’ level.

Source: economictimes.indiatimes.com

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