More mining jobs at Tritton Copper Mines

More mining jobs at Tritton Copper Mines

With the mining industry generally being regarded as a male dominated industry, Tritton Copper Mines has launched a campaign to attract females to work in their underground operations.

Tritton Copper Mines is currently undertaking a major expansion of its operations with an expansion of the processing plant and the development of two new underground mines near Girilambone.

The company is aiming to increase production to over 1.6 million tonnes annually by mid-2009. And with the expansion of operations comes the need to expand the workforce.

Resident manager of Tritton Copper Mines Mick Hanlon has indicated the expanded operations will employ over 340 personnel – making it one of the major employers in western NSW.

“Tritton is absolutely committed to the Nyngan community and the Nyngan region and will be actively pursuing strategies to ensure that the bulk of the total workforce are either locals or people who move to Nyngan to take up employment at Tritton,” Mr Hanlon said.

Mr. Hanlon advised the company will be actively working with the Nyngan High School and other community groups to ensure young people have the opportunity to pursue university scholarships, apprenticeships or traineeships aimed at providing career opportunities in the mining industry.

With the development of the Murrawombie Mine and the Girilambone North Mine near Girilambone the company will be seeking to recruit approximately 20 truck drivers – and the company will be keen to see many of these positions filled by females.

Mr Hanlon indicated that based on experience of other mining companies female truck drivers had proved very successful in terms of their driving ability, commitment to safety and taking care of the equipment. The trucks are relatively easy to drive, are automatic and previous experience driving trucks is not required.

Mr. Hanlon said one of the great advantages of this recruitment strategy is it provides excellent opportunities for people already living in town and so the company does not have to go outside Nyngan to recruit the truck drivers.

Mr Hanlon indicated that the truck drivers would start as trainees on a salary of $55,000 per year.

The work roster would be eight day shifts /six days off; seven night shifts / seven days off – which will average about 45 hours per week.

Mr Hanlon is very keen for females to apply and to have the opportunity to discuss the positions and benefits at interviews.


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