Newfield Exploration and Ecosphere Technologies Sign Water Recycling Services Agreement

Newfield Exploration and Ecosphere Technologies Sign Water Recycling Services Agreement

Ecosphere Technologies, Inc., a diversified water engineering and services company, announces today it has signed a water recycling services contract with Newfield Exploration Mid-Continent. Newfield Exploration is an independent crude oil and natural gas exploration and production company and a subsidiary of Newfield Exploration Co. Ecosphere and Newfield had previously entered into a three month pilot program for Newfield to verify the Ecosphere Ozonix process in the field under actual working conditions, as well as sampling and verifying laboratory analysis of the recycled waters. Due to the success of the pilot program, it has been ended earlier than originally planned and Ecosphere and Newfield have signed an agreement for Ecosphere to provide its water recycling services to Newfield.

Patrick Haskell, CEO of Ecosphere, stated, “The past few weeks working in Oklahoma with Newfield Exploration was a milestone event for Ecosphere, Newfield, and the natural gas business. Newfield allowed us to prove that the Ecosphere Ozonix process could be used at the well site in actual flowback conditions to produce clean water and clean brine to be used to frac new wells. It was exciting to see our equipment move from one well to the next with ease and be up and operating continuously throughout the program. We look forward to working with Newfield to help them manage their water resources.”

Dennis McGuire, President of Ecosphere Energy Services, Inc., stated, “Doing something that hasn’t been done before in the energy business is very exciting and not without its challenges. Since our first meeting with Newfield in Oklahoma, it was apparent that they were very interested in preserving Oklahoma’s vital water resources while at the same time reducing their costs to complete each well. It has been very rewarding working with Newfield Exploration and we are honored that Newfield has chosen to move forward to work with Ecosphere to help them recycle their waters.”

Newfield’s Operations Project Lead, Mike O’Kelley, stated, “Ecosphere did what they told us they could do. Their equipment and men performed for us on two different flowback jobs and the lab results we got back proved that the Ecosphere Ozonix process is highly effective to recycle flowback waters. Ecosphere’s high volume mobile water filtration equipment can move from one well site to another well site or to a location of our choice in the same day. To be able to recycle waters with a highly mobile, high volume, water filtration process is a breakthrough for our industry. We look forward to working with Ecosphere.”

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