Competition in the carbon and graphite products market is intense, particularly with regard to price, quality and service. Producers of graphite have regained their pricing power on account of global consolidation by numerous graphite electrode producers. Carbon products find application in areas including steel and aluminum production, glass making, aerospace industry, nuclear power, and electronics […]

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Oil Search Ltd has sold a package of its Middle Eastern assets for $US200 million ($A216.01 million) to focus on the development of a liquefied natural gas project in Papua New Guinea. The oil and gas producer, PNG’s largest, has sold eight assets across Egypt and Yemen to private outfit, Kuwait Energy Company KSC.

“The sale of […]

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Brazil’s CVRD, the world’s biggest iron ore miner, said on Wednesday it will acquire full control of its iron ore subsidiary, Mineracoes Brasileiras Reunidas (MBR), from Japanese partners.
Companhia Vale do Rio Doce previously held an 89.8 percent stake in MBR, the world’s fourth-largest iron ore producer, with output of 64.6 million tonnes in 2006. MBR […]

May 3rd, 2007 Tags: Asia, Brazil, Companhia Vale, Companhia Vale do Rio Doce, Company, CVRD, Exchange, Iron Ore, iron ore miner, Japan, Kobe, Kobe Steel, metal, mine, Miner, Mines, Mitsubishi, Nippon, Rio Doce, RUB, Shares, steel, Sumitomo Metal Industries Ltd., Tokyo

“In terms of its economic and geopolitical impact, what is happening in Asia today is probably most akin to the Industrial Revolution, when the world’s leading economies replaced manual labor with mass-scale manufacture of machinery, railways began to criss-cross the continents, the steam engine revolutionized the world, and later, skyscrapers first poked at the skies. […]

April 19th, 2007 Tags: Aluminum, America, Americas, Arcelor, Arcelor Mittal, Asia, Australia, bank, banking, BHP, BHP Billiton, Billiton, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Companhia Vale, Companhia Vale do Rio Doce, Company, Copper, Energy, Europe, Export, Exports, Florida, Fortescue Metals Group, Gold, India, Iron Ore, Jupiter, Korea, Labor, machinery, Market, markets, metal, mine, Mines, mining, Nippon, North America, Oil, Plains, Resources, Rio Doce, Shares, South America, South Korea, steel, steel exports, steel industry, steel maker, steel producer, steel production, strategic alliance, U.S. Steel

South Korean steelmaker Posco discussed ways to cooperate with the European steel company being created by the combination of Mittal and Arcelor on Friday, but said it reached no firm commitments. The meeting came amid increased consolidation and attempts to forge alliances in the global steel industry.

Mittal Steel Co. NV, based in the Netherlands, agreed to […]

February 2nd, 2007 Tags: Arcelor, Arcelor Mittal, Arcelor SA, Asia, Company, CONSOL, Europe, India, Japan, Korea, Labor, Lee, Luxembourg, Mexico, mining, Mittal Steel, Mittal Steel Co., Netherland, Nippon, Nippon Steel Corp., Oman, Posco, Price, Prices, Shares, South Korea, steel, steel industry, steel prices, Steelmakers, Tata Steel, The Netherlands

Nippon Steel, the world’s second-biggest steelmaker by output, and Companhia Vale do Rio Doce, the Brazilian mining company, yesterday saidthey were considering jointly developing coal and iron ore projects, writes Mariko Sanchanta in Tokyo.
The decision emphasises Nippon Steel’s push this year to forge international alliances in the wake of consolidation in the industry, which had […]

December 19th, 2006 Tags: Arcelor, Brazil, China, Coal, Companhia Vale, Companhia Vale do Rio Doce, Company, CONSOL, CVRD, Financial Times Limited, IGHL, Iron Ore, Japan, Korea, mining, Mittal Steel, Nippon, Posco, Power, Price, Prices, PYR, Rio Doce, Rio Tinto, South Korea, steel, Steelmakers, the Financial Times, The Financial Times Limited, Tokyo

Australian biotech firm Virax Holdings Ltd. said on Monday eight big mining companies had agreed to pay for trials of its HIV vaccine in South Africa, which is battling one of the world’s worst AIDS crises. Virax applied to South Africa’s drugs regulator in September for approval to conduct a clinical trial of its […]

November 27th, 2006 Tags: Africa, Australia, BHP, BHP Billiton, BHP Billiton Ltd., Billiton, Britain, Gold, Gold Fields, Gold Fields Ltd., gold mining, Japan, Lonmin, metal, mining, Mitsubishi, Nippon, Rio Tinto, Rio Tinto Ltd., Rita, South Africa, Sual, United Nations

Brazilian mega-iron ore miner CVRD Thursday predicted that global iron ore and nickel markets will remain tight, and copper inventories will continue to be critically low.
During a conference call to discuss third-quarter results, CVRD Finance Director Fabio Barbosa said the CEIC Data, which specializes in Asian economic research, forecasts a 13% average annual growth rate […]

November 12th, 2006 Tags: America, Asia, Asian, Audi, Australia, Bahrain, bank, Brazil, China, Copper, CVRD, Earnings, Energy, Europe, Export, finance, Inco, India, Iron Ore, iron ore miner, Kuwait, Market, markets, Middle East, mine, Miner, mining, Nippon, North America, Oman, Qatar, Resources, Saudi Arabia, stainless steel, steel, steel demand, steel industry, steel production, UAE

Japan, dependent on imports for 99 percent of its oil and gas, may turn to Iraq and Indonesia after it lost control of Iran’s biggest untapped field.
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s government promised this week to invest in Iraq’s shattered energy industry in the hope that Japan will be able to tap the world’s third-largest […]

October 27th, 2006 Tags: ASN, Australia, Azadegan, BP, Canada, China, Coal, Company, Dutch Shell, Energy, energy demand, energy department, energy industry, energy policy, Environment, Exploration Co., Export, Exports, finance, Gas, gas and oil, gas field, Gazprom, Guinea, Honda, India, Indonesia, Inpex, Inpex Holdings, Iraq, Japan, Libya, liquefied natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, mine, Mitsubishi, Mitsubishi Corp., Morgan Stanley, Natural Gas, natural gas field, Nippon, Nippon Oil, Nippon Oil Corp., Northern Territory, Oil, Oil and Gas, oil demand, oil explorer, Oil Ministry, oil production, oil project, oil reserve, oil reserves, Papua, Papua New Guinea, Petroleum, petroleum gas, Pipeline, Royal Dutch, Royal Dutch Shell, Russia, Russian, Timor Sea, Tokyo, Trade, Trade Ministry, U.S. Energy Department, Vietnam

Nippon Paper Chemicals, a member of the Nippon Paper Group, has decided to build a new coal-fired boiler at Gotsu Works (Gotsushi, Shimane Prefecture), the only dissolving pulp mill in Japan. The Yen 5.3 billion ($46 million) project is expected to be ready in September 2008. When the new boiler goes into operation, the two […]

October 8th, 2006 Tags: coal-fired boiler, energy cost savings, heavy oil, Japan, JPY, Nippon, Nippon Paper Group, Paperloop Inc, Shimane Prefecture

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