Northland Files Environmental Permit Application for Tapuli

Northland Files Environmental Permit Application for Tapuli

Northland Resources Inc. has filed an environmental permit application with the Swedish Environmental Court, for its Tapuli iron ore mining project and related Kaunisvaara mill, located in northern Sweden. The granting of an environmental permit is the last step before mine construction can begin. Northland anticipates a ruling from the Environmental Court in approximately 12-14 months.

Mr. Bill Wagener, COO of Northland, commented, “We have made a great effort to establish baseline conditions, and design a state-of-the-art, resource-efficient and safe industrial layout, in order to minimize the environmental impact of our operations, and we are hopeful that the review process will go smoothly.”

In tandem with this permitting process, Northland will submit an application for water usage and construction activities to the Border River Commission, which regulates projects that influence the Muonio – Tornio border river between Sweden and Finland.

Permitting of downstream activities such as railroad transportation, port storage and ship-loading facilities will be applied for according to Finnish regulations.

While waiting for a decision from the Environmental Court, Northland will complete further studies on Tapuli, its resource statement on Pellivuoma, its infrastructure studies and decisions, and will procure key pieces of plant and equipment.

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