Corridor Resources Inc. said that it has made progress with respect to its drilling and development activities at the McCully Field, located near Sussex in southern New Brunswick. Progress at the McCully F-58 Well

The Nabors #4 drilling rig is currently preparing to drill ahead at the McCully F-58 well in the upper part of the Fredericks […]

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NAMIBIA appears to have a radiant future in the mining sector with over 20 mining outfits doing uranium prospecting and exploration, mainly in the Erongo Region, and an Australian company announcing that it has found a promising deposit of the mineral north of the existing Roessing uranium mine.
West Australian Metals (WME) on Thursday announced it […]

January 15th, 2007 Tags: Africa, Algeria, Australia, China, commercial, Company, Egypt, electricity, electricity production, Energy, energy agency, Environment, fuel, Gold, IAEA, India, International Atomic Energy Agency, Japan, Market, metal, mine, Miner, Mineral, Mines, mining, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Nova, nuclear energy, nuclear technology, Paladin, Power, Price, Prices, PYR, Resources, Russia, South Africa, technology, Uranium, uranium miner, Water, West Africa, Westport

Alexandria Minerals Corporation has resumed its 2007 drill program on its Val d’Or properties, and is currently drilling the Oramaque property (press release Dec. 19, 2006). The Company has also firmed up targets for the first stage of drilling on the Bloc Sud West property, about 6 km east of Oramaque along the Cadillac […]

January 15th, 2007 Tags: Alberta, Alexandria, British Columbia, chemical, Christmas, Coal, Columbia, Company, Copper, Copper miner, Dale, Development Company, Exchange, Gold, Mali, metal, mine, Miner, Mineral, mining, Nova, Ontario, Orica, Owen, Precious metal, PYR, Quebec, The TSX Venture, Toronto

Gammon Lake Resources Inc. is pleased to announce that the Ocampo Gold-Silver Mine has reached commercial production. The Company is proud to report that 11,009 gold equivalent ounces (5,706 ounces of gold and 244,217 ounces of silver) were produced and sold from the Ocampo and El Cubo Mines during the first 10 days of […]

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DIACO Innovations,, suppliers of diamond tools, granite countertop tools, granite and stone industry machinery, construction machinery and diamond tool parts has launched their new web site.
DIACO Innovations, a leader in supplying granite countertop tools and stone industry machinery has launched a new web site with an expanding line of granite countertop tools, parts and […]

January 11th, 2007 Tags: America, Diamond, machinery, North America, Nova, Ovations, Price, Prices, services, steel, Water

Ghana has set the deadline of March as the month in which it will pass all the requirements of the Kimberley Process to clear its name from the list of countries involved in illegal trade in diamonds coming from conflict regions, reported Ghana News Agency this week.
The country was accused in October 2006 of certifying […]

January 10th, 2007 Tags: Africa, Botswana, Chairman, Company, Cote d’Ivoire, Diamond, Dominic Fobih, Europe, European Commission, Ghana, Kimberley, Market, mine, Miner, Mineral, Mines, Nova, Power, South Africa, Trade, United States

Canadian Superior Energy Inc. confirmed that the scheduled refurbishment of the Kan Tan IV semi-submersible drilling rig, that has been contracted to drill three (3) back-to-back Company operated offshore wells, off the east of the Island of Trinidad, for Canadian Superior, is nearing completion. On March 19, 2006, Canadian Superior had announced it had […]

January 7th, 2007 Tags: Alberta, Beijing, Calgary, Canada, Canadian Superior Energy, Canadian Superior Energy Inc., China, commercial, Company, Completion, Denmark, east coast, Energy, Exchange, Gas, gas exploration, gas prospect, Mike, mining, Natural Gas, natural gas prospect, Nova, Nova Scotia, Offshore Drilling, Oil, Oil and Gas, oil and gas exploration, OPEC, SAIL, Securities and Exchange Commission, Semi-Submersible Drilling Rig, services, Sinopec, start-up, Texas, Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, yuan

C.K. Cooper & Company published an 11-page research report on Rosetta Resources, Inc. initiating coverage on the Company.
Mary B. Safrai, CFA, Associate Director, commented, “We are initiating coverage of Rosetta Resources with a Buy rating. In our opinion, the Company’s substantial asset base is undervalued due to legal issues in connection with the Calpine Corporation […]

January 7th, 2007 Tags: Alpine, bank, banking, California, Company, Investment Bank, investment banking, Irvine, mining, National Association of Securities Dealer, National Association of Securities Dealers, Nova, PTC, Resources, Rosetta Resources, services, telephone

Magic Valley is going green. Or yellow, to be more specific. Two out-of-state companies plan to build corn-based ethanol plants near Burley. Pacific Ethanol Inc., a California alternative-energy company, and Renova Energy, a London-based energy company, plan to open ethanol facilities in southern Idaho within the next 18 months.

City officials and area farmers are thrilled, and they […]

January 7th, 2007 Tags: All gas, ANZ, Bush, California, Cass, Company, Department of Environment, Department of Environmental Quality, Energy, Environment, Environmental Quality, Farm Bureau, fuel, Gas, Idaho, Idaho Legislature, Johnson, Legislature, London, Market, Minnesota, Nova, Price, Prices, Reno, services, technology, Valley, Washington

Michigan is exploring ways to grow its alternative energy industry and provide a boost to economic development, but coal-fired power plants are expected to produce most of the state’s electricity through at least 2030.
The rest of Michigan’s electrical power comes mostly from nuclear power plants or natural gas- or oil-fired power plants. A very small […]

December 31st, 2006 Tags: America, American Coal Foundation, Audi, biofuels, Center, Chairman, Coal, coal producer, Company, Department of Energy, Department of Labor, Education, electric energy, electricity, electricity use, Energy, energy conservation, energy development, energy efficiency, energy industry, energy needs, energy plan, energy resource, energy resources, energy source, energy sources, energy supply, energy usage, Environment, fuel, Gas, Hydro, Labor, Leigh, long-term energy needs, Market, markets, methane gas, Michigan, Michigan Public Service Commission, Million Tons, mining, mining equipment, Natural Gas, Noble, Nova, Oceana, Oil, Oman, Power, renewable energy, renewable energy resources, renewable energy sources, Resources, Shelby, Sierra Club, Solar, Sual, technology, Traverse City, U.S. Department of Energy, Valley

From major economic development announcements and projects in terms of two ethanol plants to the nearly completed expansion of the Wells County Library and state accolades to Norwell students, Wells County experienced good times in 2006.
From the untimely and tragic deaths of several Wells County residents to the closing of an Ossian manufacturing plant that […]

December 31st, 2006 Tags: Afghanistan, ASN, Audi, Bishop, Cleveland, Columbia, Company, Completion, Democratic, Emerging, Energy, Executive Committee, finance, Fort Wayne, Franklin, fuel, Huntington, IGHL, India, Indiana, Johnson, Jones, law, law enforcement, Lee, Lima, Mayo, Michael, Mike, mine, mining, Nova, Oman, Rauma, Reno, RUB, Scott, Sioux Falls, Southwest, telephone, Water, Wayne

It is a classic tale of the developing world: a rich North American company discovers gold under pristine land and encourages the villagers to leave, offering money, homes in the city, soft-focus TV ads that tout the benefits of the project, and some tough talk.
International environmental groups — complete with celebrities like Vanessa Redgrave […]

December 29th, 2006 Tags: America, bank, Bates, Center, Christmas, Colorado, Company, Danube, E Street, Environment, environmental group, environmental groups, Europe, European Commission, European Union, food, Gold, Greenpeace, Hungary, Internet, Labor, law, Maine, mine, Miner, mining, Mining Corporation, Mining Town, Montana, New Zealand, Newmont, Newmont Mining, North America, Nova, Oman, public relations, Reno, Resources, Romania, sands, Silver, Valley, Vane, Water, Zinc

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