NSW Greens push for change in energy policy

NSW Greens push for change in energy policy

The New South Wales Greens say they will be pushing the major parties to drastically change their policies on fossil fuels in the lead-up to next year’s state election.

The Greens announced their election platform today and say it is based around the issues of climate change, the protection of the natural environment and creating jobs in renewable energy industries.

Greens MP Lee Rhiannon says she believes climate change will be one of the big issues of the election and it is a chance for the party to secure more say on the issue.

“People voting for the Greens at the coming election will send a clear message to the major parties that people want a change in policies, a change in direction on how we get our energy in this state,” she said.

“The knowledge is there, the know-how is there, the technology is now in place.

“We need the political will to ensure that we stop this huge contribution to the greenhouse gas emissions of the world.”

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