OPEN PIT EQUIPMENT SUPPLIER NEWS – Launch of advanced mining shovel payload weighing systems

OPEN PIT EQUIPMENT SUPPLIER NEWS – Launch of advanced mining shovel payload weighing systems

Two new products have just been launched by P&H MINING EQUIPMENT: the P&H Payloadâ„¢ and Payloadâ„¢ Plus Systems. Both systems measure shovel payload weight, and therefore the weight of the material they load into haul trucks.

Payload and Payload Plus help mine operators determine their trucks’ optimum payload weight and loading strategies in response to changing mine and market conditions. They also give shovel operators the tools they need to hit the mine’s targets with each truckload. In specific field verification testing at multiple sites using in-ground truck scales as the base, accuracies of better than 2% on a “per truck” basis were achieved.

Both systems require the P&H Centurionâ„¢ control system, which is standard equipment on new shovels and available as a retrofit for earlier models. They present weighing information on the same Centurion touch-screen computer, offering a single display for weight measurement as well as other Centurion-based operator information. Both systems assume the handle and dipper are in constant motion.

Like traditional systems, Payload’s algorithms include motor speeds, currents and voltages. But they encompass a host of additional factors, including motor characteristics, coefficients of friction, centres of gravity and weights of the shovel’s handle and dipper, joystick references, dipper position, dipper trip and brake status.

Payload Plus operates differently. It measures payloads with a load cell comprising a patent-pending instrumented boom point sheave pin fitted with two pairs of biaxial strain gauges. The load cell measures hoist, dig and suspended load forces directly. Payload Plus correlates the data to dipper payload weight.

For more information, see P&H MinePro Services’ brochure XS-3953 or visit

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