Platina Energy Group Reports Attractive Extraction Costs

Platina Energy Group Reports Attractive Extraction Costs

Platina Energy Group, Inc. reports operational cost projections for hydrocarbon extraction in Tennessee and Kentucky far below domestic averages. Despite the recent energy price reductions, the cost of production as a percentage of sales will likely remain low across the Appalachian area fields.

According to Blair Merriam, “Despite economic slow downs, we have drilled additional wells that are now being added to the gathering lines and tank batteries. The additional production should help to offset lower prices and the extraction benefits from these types of formations are now more significant. Low water cut, shallow depth, high grade product and modest pumping costs allow fields that we operate to offer profit potential even at significantly lower pricing.”

The flagship of Platina’s value continues to be its vast proved reserves. Despite financial challenges related to the general economic climate, there is considerable value from a recurring revenue perspective for the development of the targeted fields.

Platina Energy is a nimble E&P Company. Since organization in 2005, it has acquired proved producing and proved undeveloped reserves in addition to possible/probable reserves. It also owns rights to German inspired energy technologies. Although there are always considerations relative to sustainability of production development and profitability, reserve reports suggest strong hydrocarbon deposits.

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