RADWIN Chosen by ALROSA, Russias Largest Diamond Manufacturer

RADWIN Chosen by ALROSA, Russias Largest Diamond Manufacturer

RADWIN, a leading global provider of advanced wireless broadband solutions, today announced that ALROSA, Russia’s largest diamond mining and manufacturing company with a 25% share of the world’s rough diamond production, has deployed its wireless systems for VPN connectivity. RADWIN’s partner in Ural, Diapazon Consulting, provided project support.

RADWIN’s wireless broadband links are used to connect ALROSA’s dispersed buildings in the Yakutia mining excavation site, providing voice and data connectivity. The long-range and high-capacity systems eliminate costly leased lines charges and enable ALROSA to inexpensively deploy and control its network connectivity.

Dmitry Kirillin, Chief Engineer at ALROSA, stated: “RADWIN’s equipment allowed us to set up a VPN network to connect our sites with maximum speed and minimum cost compared to any other solution. RADWIN’s wireless solutions operate flawlessly in the harsh weather in the Yakutia region, where temperatures reach lows of -55 Celsius with heavy snow, sleet and ice. In addition, in some of the deployments we are using RADWIN’s equipment for automatic leased-line backup to guarantee 24/7 business continuity.”

Roni Weinberg, RADWIN’s Chief Operations Officer, stated: “RADWIN is firmly committed to Russia and the rest of the CIS countries, and we provide solutions that meet this region’s unique needs. Our systems are homologated for the area, and are ultra-durable and robust in order to withstand the region’s extreme climate and challenging topography. By deploying our systems, organizations both large and small can create a private network over the airwaves quickly and cost-effectively.


ALROSA Co. Ltd. is Russia’s largest diamond company engaged in the exploration, mining, manufacture and sales of diamonds and one of the world’s major rough diamond producers. ALROSA produces about 25% of the world’s rough diamond output and accounts for almost 100% of all rough diamonds produced in Russia.


RADWIN delivers wireless backhaul and broadband access solutions in the sub-6GHz space, empowering carriers and service providers to connect subscribers everywhere. Whether voice, data, or video streaming, the company provides wireless broadband solutions of unrivaled performance, capacity, range, and quality at competitive prices. Established in 1997, RADWIN has installations in over 110 countries around the world.

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