RAM Gold & Exploration, Inc. Launches Website

RAM Gold & Exploration, Inc. Launches Website

RAM GOLD & EXPLORATION, INC., announced today that it has launched its website www.ramgold.net. The website has been under development for the last few weeks and the Company now feels confidant that the content and information provided may be helpful to the public in understanding more about the Company now and in the future as the website is updated with current information. The Company has completed contract negotiations with AMR Project Peru, S.A.C. (AMR) to commercialize its mining operations in Peru located near the District of Ayapata, province of Carabaya, Department of Puno, Peru and registered with the Ministry of Mines. It is the intent of the Company to explore, develop, operate and put the AMR property into production which is in an exploration and development stage. RMGX believes that the prospect for commercialization of this property appear to be very positive though not yet proven. RAM Gold’s common shares are quoted on www.pinksheets.com under the symbol “RMGX” and on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the Symbol “XYO”.


RAM Gold & Exploration, Inc. Antonio Rotundo, President, 702-212-3493



Source: RAM Gold & Exploration, Inc.

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