Rann to help push uranium mining, export

Rann to help push uranium mining, export

South Australian Premier Mike Rann says he wants to work closely with the mining sector to ensure benefits flow from Labor’s new policy on uranium mining.

Mr Rann said the decision to dump the no new mines policy at the ALP convention at the weekend was a victory for common sense.

“The ALP conference decision on uranium represents, from my point of view – mission accomplished,” the premier told the Australian Resources and Energy Investment conference in Adelaide.

“It’s a victory for common sense, it’s a victory for South Australia and it’s a victory for your industry,” he told mining company executives.

“And from today, I’m going to work closely with you in order to translate that victory into tangible results, results in the form of jobs and growth and opportunity.”

Mr Rann campaigned hard to overturn the longstanding Labor policy arguing that it was outdated and illogical.

He said South Australia was now “totally and completely open for business” in the area of uranium mining and export.

Information from: eden.yourguide.com.au

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