Robex Provides Wells With Potable Water for the Villages of Nampala and Djikouna

Robex Provides Wells With Potable Water for the Villages of Nampala and Djikouna

Robex Resources Inc. is proud to announce that it has given the villagers of Nampala-Ganadougou and Djikouna two potable water drills, with a total capacity of 20 m3 per hour, as well as computers and printers. The inauguration ceremony for the wells and the gifting of the electronics took place on Saturday, March 30 in the presence of the Minster of Mines’s representative, Mr Seydou Keita.

“Today, our dream has become a reality. For us, these undertakings constitute a growth factor. In the past, we used to have to travel several kilometers to get water. This burden is now lifted thanks to Robex,” said Bakary Sanogo, the spokesperson for the head of Nampala village.

“The infrastructure, which cost about $72,000 (34.6 million CFA francs), comes from the desire to contribute to the socio-economic development of the two villages and to improve the living conditions of the local residents,” explained Andre Gagne, President of Robex. He attended the ceremony on March 30 along with the company’s general operations manager, Mr. Abdel Kader Maiga, as well as several political representatives. “It’s paradoxical that we have water here at the camp while people a few kilometers from here are experiencing a deep need for potable water,” Mr. Gagne continued by saying that mining activities should benefit everybody, and Robex did not have to wait for economical return from the mine before proceeding with their obligation of solidarity for the local populations.

The ceremony was televised and broadcast on Mali’s national station (see the broadcast at and also appeared in L’Espoir, the most widely-read national daily in Mali (read the article at

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