Competition in the carbon and graphite products market is intense, particularly with regard to price, quality and service. Producers of graphite have regained their pricing power on account of global consolidation by numerous graphite electrode producers. Carbon products find application in areas including steel and aluminum production, glass making, aerospace industry, nuclear power, and electronics […]

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This was some mighty cold work. This was the first sample of the AM and the temperature was in the -20s F. Thank goodness for the pink rubber gloves and warm water.Viewed: 112 timesLength: 00:17

March 5th, 2008 Tags: Gold, gold mining, mining, Mongolia, RUB, Water

The new Force in dewatering launch movie featureing the new innovative 2600 series of Submersible pumps by ITT Flygt. The pump main benefits are Improved wear resistance (5 times vs traditional pump), Consistent performance over time, Superior reliability, Ease of use and maintenance. The video illustrated the different features of the pump, incl. High chrome […]

March 5th, 2008 Tags: mining, Nova, Rome, RUB, Water

Heart to Heart playing Coal Mining Man at the M.B.M.A in Flint Michigan. Heart to Heart has a Myspace page go check it out. 46 timesLength: 02:41

March 5th, 2008 Tags: Coal, coal mining, Michigan, mining, RUB

This is an Oil Rig that was recently finished. Here’s the video of how it was launched!Viewed: 6022 timesLength: 00:25

March 5th, 2008 Tags: Oil, oil rig, oil rigs, RUB

Meratus Mountain Area, Kalimantan, Indonesia
The Dayak Meratus communities have created co-operatives that protect local resources and develop business institutions. The communities use non-timber forest products such as rubber to generate sustainable livelihoods. However, the encroachment of private businesses on the local forestland for large scale oil palm plantations, mining and forest concessions threaten their way […]

March 5th, 2008 Tags: Environment, Indonesia, Kalimantan, Lima, mining, Oil, Resources, RUB

Environmental groups across Appalachia spoke out at public hearings in four states on a Bush administration-backed proposal to relax restrictions preventing mining activity near waterways. The groups oppose exempting valley fills , in which rubble from mountaintop removal mining is dumped in nearby valleys , from the 20-year-old rule restricting mining activity near streams.

“Enough is enough!” […]

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FirstEnergy Corp. violated federal and state air pollution laws at a western Pennsylvania coal-fired power plant, according an environmental group. PennFuture notified Akron, Ohio-based FirstEnergy Inc. on Tuesday that it intends to sue over alleged pollution at the Bruce Mansfield plant in Shippingport, about 30 miles northwest of Pittsburgh.

The plant violated opacity standards, which relate to […]

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Brazil’s CVRD, the world’s biggest iron ore miner, said on Wednesday it will acquire full control of its iron ore subsidiary, Mineracoes Brasileiras Reunidas (MBR), from Japanese partners.
Companhia Vale do Rio Doce previously held an 89.8 percent stake in MBR, the world’s fourth-largest iron ore producer, with output of 64.6 million tonnes in 2006. MBR […]

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Seventy percent of China’s energy comes from coal, the dirtiest of all fuels to produce energy. Coal is literally powering China’s seemingly unstoppable rise to superpower status, but not without costs to people and the environment.
Coal miner Wu Gui, who has been working the mines for 34 years, describes his role in China’s economy […]

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Speculations are rife that an impending power supply crisis is stage-managed to justify the jacking up of expenses in the acquisition of coal supply, enabling the government to come up with additional funds for its candidates’ campaign kitty.
Senate Minority Leader Aquilino Pimentel Jr.’s latest allegation came in the light of reports on expected series of […]

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Newmont Mining Corp., the world’s second-largest gold miner, plans to divest a further 7 percent stake in its Batu Hijau copper-gold mine in Indonesia and offered the shares to the government for about $325 million.
“We’ve made the offer, based on a value of $4.65 billion for the mine,” Newmont spokesman Rubi Purnomo said in Jakarta […]

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