Tidalwave Holdings, Inc. Completes Acquisition of Noble Metals LLC & Metals Recovery Plant

Tidalwave Holdings, Inc. Completes Acquisition of Noble Metals LLC & Metals Recovery Plant

Tidalwave Holdings, Inc. announced that the company closed its acquisition of Noble Metals LLC, a Florida Limited Liability Company and metal recovery industry operator. The definitive agreements include the acquisition of 100% of Noble Metals LLC, its metals processing plant, and its interest in the Mariposa County, CA Triumph Mine.

Noble Metals Processing (NMP) is an established precious metals recovery company with a crushing and gravity recovery plant in Mariposa county near the legendary Triumph and Diltz mines (of Mother Lode fame). The only processing plant of its kind within 150 miles, NMP is planning to change its strategic direction with regards to the Mariposa Operation that will offer the opportunity to process ore year round.

Noble holds a lease to operate the Triumph mine in the foothills of Yosemite National Park, and one of the “Mother Lode” quality gold producers of California’s “Gold Chain” of mines that once contributed to California’s heyday of gold production, but ceased operation due to the incapability of equipment and recovery technology of the era (the mine’s tailings, or dump pile, for example, is estimated to have between $2.7 and $10 million of immediately recoverable gold alone). The company also intends to acquire and/or partner with other claim owners in the Gold Chain area, to consolidate the properties into a modern gold recovery operation benefiting from economies of scale as well as modern vein and raw earth recovery techniques.

CEO Mark D. Klok remarked, “As more than one geologist has now noted, the Mother Lode mines along the Gold Chain represent a unique opportunity for consolidation and renewed operations in a modern recovery effort. We are very excited about the Triumph and Diltz mines as well as opportunities for the Noble processing operation in Mariposa County as the only facility of its kind within 150 miles. Our company is already in discussions with other mine owners who have expressed great interest in utilizing our facilities to begin processing materials from their mines as well.”

Tidalwave Holdings, Inc. is a diversified holding company with strategic interests across the metals exploration, recovery and processing industries. Under new management since 2008, Tidalwave Holdings is pursuing a vision of growth marked by cost-effective, targeted acquisitions and projects development that are accretive to overall company earnings and shareholder value.
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