Timberline Expands Land Position at Its Butte Highlands Gold Project

Timberline Expands Land Position at Its Butte Highlands Gold Project

Timberline Resources Corporation announced that it has acquired the mineral and surface rights to additional mineral claims adjacent to and nearby its Butte Highlands Gold Project joint venture.

Timberline executed a lease agreement with an option to purchase four patented claims at its Butte Highlands Gold Project. The additional claims are contiguous to the company’s existing claims and along strike with the mineralization that is expected to be mined by the company and its joint venture partner. Timberline intends to conduct geologic mapping, analyze surface samples, perform geochemical and geophysical analyses, and develop a drill program for the exploration of these claims. If additional mineralization is discovered, the company would expect to access the ore from the underground workings currently being developed at the Butte Highlands Gold Project.

Paul Dircksen, Timberline’s Vice President of Exploration, stated, “These additional claims are important as we assess the potential around our current resource area. It appears that the mineralized lenses we intend to mine on our existing claims at Butte Highlands may extend into these additional claims. This agreement gives us the ability to explore the potential of those claims and to purchase the property if we believe an economic resource exists.”

Timberline also staked 49 additional claims (approximately 930 acres) to the southwest of their Butte Highlands gold project. These claims cover ground that is in a similar geologic setting to Butte Highlands and hosts historic placer workings. These claims are part of the company’s strategy to assess the potential of the district as development and mining proceed at the Butte Highlands gold project.

Timberline also announced that an S-3 Shelf Registration Statement was filed with the SEC last week. In relation to this filing, Randal Hardy, Timberline’s CEO, stated, “The amount of the registration statement is intended to provide the company with flexibility and greater certainty should we choose to raise capital over the next three years. The primary objective of this filing is to put us in a better position to more quickly take advantage of strategic opportunities, including the possibility of replacing our long-term debt with equity, without the potentially lengthy and costly delays associated with SEC reviews of future registration statements. We remain very protective of our share structure and will continue to be prudent with transactions involving equity.”

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