Timken Training Helps Rio Tinto Build Maintenance Skills at Wyoming Mine

Timken Training Helps Rio Tinto Build Maintenance Skills at Wyoming Mine

The Timken Company and Rio Tinto Energy America, a business unit of one of the world’s leading mining and exploration companies, have worked together to help achieve longer equipment life while reducing downtime and maintenance costs at the Cordero Rojo Mine near Gillette, Wyo. The improved performance is a result of Timken’s Bearing Maintenance Training Program, which has been in place at Rio Tinto Energy America since 1999.

Rio Tinto Energy America maintains an ongoing schedule of training for its maintenance associates. Most U.S.-based maintenance associates have attended Timken’s four-hour basic seminar, and some Rio Tinto Energy America mechanics have attended Timken’s Advanced Maintenance Seminars. At Cordero Rojo, the goal is for every employee to receive Timken training.

“Education is an invaluable investment,” said Marty Brown, maintenance training supervisor at Cordero Rojo. “Without it, you are forced to learn from your mistakes, rather than avoiding them altogether. If you understand how a product or piece of equipment operates, you can keep it working instead of being on the clean-up crew.”

To ensure that the Timken-taught procedures are implemented, Rio Tinto Energy America pursues “Timken Bearing Certified” recognition.

“We return to Cordero Rojo and other training sites each year to conduct a performance audit,” said Scott J. Ickes, a Timken service engineer. “Using a checklist of proper bearing maintenance processes, we identify the site’s strengths and weaknesses. Facilities that successfully meet our criteria earn the designation of ‘Timken Bearing Certified.’ Because of our ongoing program, we can use the information gathered in the audit to customize future training. The Cordero Rojo Mine in Wyoming became our first mine site facility to earn a perfect audit score.”

All Timken maintenance seminars are designed to meet customer requirements. Half-, full- or two-day seminars are created from an extensive list of bearing topics, including handling, lubrication and damage analysis. The seminars are conducted at the customer’s location or at a nearby conference facility.

“Through our Timken Bearing Maintenance Training Program, we’re able to apply our knowledge of friction management and material science to provide maintenance customers with the skills that can positively impact their performance immediately,” Ickes said.

About Rio Tinto

The Rio Tinto Group is a world leader in finding, extracting and processing the earth’s mineral resources. Its subsidiary, Rio Tinto Energy America, specializes in the production of low sulfur, sub-bituminous coal, and operates five coal mines located in Wyoming, Montana and Colorado. With a combined workforce of more than 2,200 employees, and with the help of hundreds of contractors and suppliers, the company provides fuel to its energy company customers who generate nearly 6 percent of the nation’s electricity.

About The Timken Company

The Timken Company (NYSE:TKR, http://www.timken.com) keeps the world turning, with innovative friction management and power transmission products and services that enable customers to perform faster and more smoothly and efficiently. With sales of $5.0 billion in 2006, operations in 27 countries and approximately 25,000 employees, Timken is Where You Turn(TM) for better performance.


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