Titan Provides Additional Information on the Norgold Property

Titan Provides Additional Information on the Norgold Property

Titan’s “Norgold” property sits adjacent to the old “Sakoose” Gold Mine, which produced gold from 1897 to 1902 until operations were suspended when the mill burned down in 1902. During that time, it was only mined to a depth of approximately 60 metres. Production totaled 3,669 ounces of gold from the 8,828 tons extracted (= 0.41 oz Au /ton).

The property has seen limited exploration since 1902 and most of the past drill holes were at shallow depths. Other zones outside the original underground workings were discovered in 1988 but were not systematically followed-up.

Location & Access

The 700 hectare property is located in the “Melgund” Township, of the Sault Ste. Marie mining district near Dryden, Ontario.

Access to this property is excellent via an 8 km gravel road leading south from the Trans Canada Highway. The Canadian Pacific Railway, a natural gas pipeline and a hydro-electric power grid all pass within 10 km of the property.


The occurrence is underlain by mafic metavolcanic rocks of the Kawashegamuk Lake group (Kresz 1987).


The dark blue to smoky quartz veins pinch and swell. The quartz is opaque to cloudy and displays a granular texture. The vein is very often fractured and rarely carbonatized.

Structural Geology

All lithologies, including felsic dikes, have been folded into a chevron-type, synclinal fold in which the dip of the northwest limb is steeper than that of the southwest limb. Structural facing to the southwest is indicated by cross-bedding, graded bedding, slumping, and flame structures in sedimentary rocks. The old “Sakoose” mine is located on the northwest limb of the syncline.

The exploration program that is now underway on the property is expected to be completed soon. Once the program has been completed, and the data submitted for interpretation and analysis, the company will provide an update of the results to the shareholders, and outline the next phase of exploration for the development of the property.

TITAN Resources International Inc. is a publicly traded resource exploration company dedicated to the acquisition, exploration and development of small to medium size precious metals properties of exceptional merit in North and South America. Please visit our company web site at www.titan-resource.com.

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