Trans Energy Completes First Horizontal Well in Marcellus Shale

Trans Energy Completes First Horizontal Well in Marcellus Shale

Trans Energy, Inc. announced that it has completed its Hart #28H well in Wetzel County, West Virginia. The Hart #28H was drilled and completed horizontally in the Marcellus shale, a prolific new “resource play” in Appalachia, similar to the Barnett, Fayetteville and Haynesville shales in Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana.

The well is purging water used in the frac process and was turned in to a gas sales line last Friday. The Company indicated that the well’s volume and working pressure confirm that this development area is among the most attractive parts of this substantial shale play.

James K. Abcouwer, President and CEO of Trans Energy, said, “Completing this first horizontal well is a significant step in our process to become one of the leading natural gas producers in the eastern region. We intend to repeat this success throughout our expanding acreage position. Our next horizontal Marcellus well, the Anderson #7H is already started, with the surface and intermediate strings cased and cemented.”

The Company continues to expand its acreage position centered on the Wetzel, Marion, Marshall, and Doddridge Counties area, which it believes to be the heart of the most prolific natural gas resource in Appalachia, and possibly the United States.

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