United Energy vs. MUS dispute over coal intensifies

United Energy vs. MUS dispute over coal intensifies

The dispute between United Energy, operating a heating plant in Most-Komorany, northern Bohemia, and brown-coal mining company Mostecka uhelna (MUS) has intensified as the heating plant has complained about reduced coal supplies from MUS.

The heating plant has warned that supplies of heat to industrial companies and households could be cut as a a result.

MUS’s owner Czech Coal claims the heating plant is receiving enough coal.

United Energy spokeswoman Katerina Taborska said the plant was receiving 2,800 tonnes of coal daily now, but in temperatures of 2-4 degrees Celsius below zero it would need 3,300 tonnes, and if temperatures fall further, up to 4,500 tonnes.

Czech Coal spokesman Radek Stavel said MUS´s supplies to United Energy in January this year ranged between 2,800 and 3,000 tonnes.

“Supplies were the same last year but January 2006 was much colder, with temperatures 5 to 10 degrees Celsius lower on average. There is no reason why this year’s supplies should not suffice,” said Stavel.

The two companies have been in dispute for some time.

United Energy claims it has been paying more for coal than other buyers, and has complained to Czech antitrust office UOHS.

MUS, in turn, claims United Energy has been paying the same price for coal for seven years but has been raising prices of heat for customers.

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