Uranium Energy Corp. Announces Results of AGM

Uranium Energy Corp. Announces Results of AGM

Uranium Energy Corp. is pleased to announce that, in conjunction with the holding of the Company’s recent annual general meeting of stockholders on July 24, 2008, the following matters were duly ratified by the Company’s stockholders and have now been implemented by the Board of Directors in the following manner:

– Messrs. Alan Lindsay, Amir Adnani, Harry L. Anthony, Erik Essiger, Ivan Obolensky and Vincent Della Volpe were elected to the Board of Directors of the Company; – Ernst & Young LLP were appointed as the Company’s independent registered accounting firm; – The Company’s stockholders approved the adoption of the Company’s present Stock Incentive Plan; and

– The following Executive Officers of the Company were re-appointed by the Board of Directors of the Company immediately following the AGM:

Alan Lindsay: Chairman of the Company’s Board of Directors; Amir Adnani: President and Chief Executive Officer; Harry L. Anthony: Chief Operating Officer; and

Pat Obara: Secretary, Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer.

About Uranium Energy Corp

Uranium Energy Corp is a US-based resource company with the objective of becoming a near-term ISR uranium producer in the United States. Utilizing its extensive information library of historic uranium exploration and development work, the Company has acquired and is advancing uranium properties throughout the southwestern US. A Draft Mine Permit was recently issued for the Company’s lead project, the Goliad ISR Uranium Project in south Texas. Operational management is comprised of pre-eminent uranium mining and exploration professionals whose collective experience in this industry gives the Company ongoing uranium mine-finding and mine development expertise.

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