VendTek’s Subsidiary Now Prepay Enters Into New Agreement With Canadian Tire Petroleum

VendTek’s Subsidiary Now Prepay Enters Into New Agreement With Canadian Tire Petroleum

VendTek Systems, a leading provider of software for prepaid service distribution, announced that its wholly owned subsidiary Now Prepay Corp. has entered into a new agreement with Canadian Tire Petroleum to implement Point-of-Sale activation terminals and new software to allow for activation of long distance cards by swiping them through the POS terminals.

Now Prepay will be working with Bell Canada to deliver a set of prepaid long distance products that can be activated at Canadian Tire Petroleum gas bars.

VendTek and Now Prepay President, Doug Buchanan commented, “This is a new method of selling and merchandising long distance products for Canadian Tire Petroleum. It simplifies and expedites the process by which customers can activate long distance cards. We are constantly adding new products and services to keep our customers and Now Prepay competitive in the marketplace.â€

For more information please contact Samantha Haynes at 1.800.806.4958 or 604.805.4653 or

About VendTek and Now Prepay

VendTek develops and licenses automated transaction system software and supporting technologies that improve the efficiency of product delivery, reduce costs to clients and offer superior safety measures. VendTek’s customers and its subsidiaries, Now Prepay Corp. (in Canada) and VendTek Systems Technologies (in China), are using e-Freshâ„¢ software to build electronic, prepaid services networks, which enable consumers to purchase prepaid services via POS and self-serve terminals connected to a central e-Freshâ„¢ server. This system creates significant value through improved efficiencies compared to the traditional distribution paradigm. e-Freshâ„¢ reduces shrinkage and inventory requirements while improving consumer access to prepaid services by completely eliminating physical cards and vouchers. For further information please visit the Company’s websites and

About Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited (TSX: CTC,CTC.A) operates more than 1,100 stores, gas bars and car washes in an inter-related network of businesses engaged in retail, financial services and petroleum. Canadian Tire Petroleum is one of the country’s largest and most productive independent retailers of gasoline, operating 264 gas bars, 250 convenience stores and kiosks, and 73 car washes.

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