Versatile MICORE Brand Mineral Fiber Board Earns CHPS Certification For Low Emission Levels

Versatile MICORE Brand Mineral Fiber Board Earns CHPS Certification For Low Emission Levels

MICORE® Brand Mineral Fiber Board from the Industrial Products Division of United States Gypsum Company has been certified for classroom use in California schools after meeting stringent standards for low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and formaldehyde.

Tests conducted in accordance with procedures adopted by California’s Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS), a program intended to help achieve better indoor air in classrooms, confirm that both the product’s VOC and formaldehyde emission levels are well within CHPS requirements. As a result, MICORE Mineral Fiber Board now meets Section 01350 of the CHPS Material Specifications.

The mineral fiber board, which is available in two varieties, serves as a substrate and core in settings ranging from offices to classrooms.

MICORE 300 Board is a superior substrate for fabric and vinyl-covered wall panels, office dividers and tackboards, and a superb core for chalkboards, stove boards and similar applications. It laminates easily with vinyls, fabrics and steel, is compatible with most water and solvent-based adhesives, and accepts tacks with excellent hold-down ability.

MICORE 160 Mineral Fiber Board is a lighter-weight option offering excellent sound control properties, which is an especially useful characteristic in open-plan office interiors. Strong and stable, it’s an ideal and economical substrate for open-plan partitions, office screens, dividers and tackboards.

Because MICORE board is made with inorganic mineral fibers, it is nearly 50 percent lighter than particle board, providing easier handling and lower freight rates. The product resists moisture (which minimizes expansion and warping) and cuts quickly and easily to size and shape specifications using standard equipment, thereby accommodating last-minute design changes. Both varieties outperform particle and other wood fiber boards for flame spread and sound absorption.

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