Vietnam sets bauxite development plan

Vietnam sets bauxite development plan

Vietnam is considering a $1 billion joint venture with U.S. aluminium producer Alcoa Inc. to mine bauxite and refine alumina in the Central Highlands.

Following is a list of proposed bauxite projects in Vietnam to be funded by the government or through joint ventures with foreign companies.

The draft report was compiled by Vietnam’s Mining and Metallurgy Research Institute and released in late August by state-run Vietnam National Coal-Minerals Industries Group, the largest firm in the country’s mining industry.

A mining institute report said Vietnam could rival Australia and India in selling alumina to its northern neighbour China thanks to a shorter transportation route.

Project Mine site First phase Investment Timeline

capacity (T) Bao Loc 1 Doi Thang Loi 100,000 Vietnamese 2006-2007 aluminium hydroxide (Lam Dong province) Bao Loc 2 Bao Loc 550,000 joint venture 2006-2008 aluminium hydroxide (Lam Dong province) Bao Loc Tan Rai 600,000 Near $500 mln 2006-2009 alumina Vietnamese (Lam Dong province) Nhan Co Nhan Co 300,000 Vietnamese 2006-2008 alumina Dao Nghia (Dak Nong province) Dak Nong 1 1/5 mine, 1,900,000 $1.4 bln 2006-2010 alumina Quang Son Chalco (Dak Nong province) Dak Nong 2 Gia Nghia 1,500,000 $1 bln 2007-2010 (Dak Nong province) Alcoa Kon Ha Nung Kon Ha Nung, 1,000,000 Vietnamese 2017-2020 alumina Mang Den (Gia Lai province) Total alumina output 5,300,000 Total aluminium hydroxide 650,000


Chalco or Aluminium Coro. of China is the world’s second-largest producer of alumina, the material to make aluminium.

Alcoa Inc. said it is Australia’s leading aluminium producer and operates the world’s largest intergrated bauxite mining, alumina refining and aluminium smelting system.

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