Zimbabwe: Mining Stakeholders On Business Trip to Zambia

Zimbabwe: Mining Stakeholders On Business Trip to Zambia

STAKEHOLDERS in the mining sector are in Zambia on a four-day business trip to establish investment opportunities in that country in a move that is set to benefit the country’s mining industry.

The delegation includes officials from the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development, members of the Zimbabwe Miners’ Federation and other stakeholders in the mining industry.

The visit will accord an opportunity to share information critical to the running of the sector.

In an interview with Herald Business, ZMF chief executive Mr Wellington Takavarasha said the trip provides an opportunity for stakeholders in the sector to establish investment links and create new markets.

“The delegation is already in Zambia, they are exploring new investment opportunities and partners in the region. They will see how their Zambian counterparts manage their businesses and share the information.

“We expect this visit to be more beneficial to some small-scale miners who are still growing in the industry and in need of investment partners and learn new techniques needed to run their mining operations,” he said.

The mining sector, which exudes immense potential for growth, is one avenue through which local entrepreneurs can advance economically with small-scale miners making inroads into the sector though there are constraints.

Shortages of state-of-the-art equipment and lack of adequate funding were hampering production among small-scale miners.

Most of these miners are still using rudimentary equipment such as hammers and chisels for mining resulting in low mineral output.

A recent visit by Asian investors in the country to partner with the miners is expected to go a long way in assisting the small-scale miners with both financial resources and mining equipment.

The investors who came as individual companies and groups forwarded their proposals to the Mines ministry to fund mining projects in the country with particular in gold and chrome.

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