Bancroft Uranium Embraces Environmental Principals

Bancroft Uranium Embraces Environmental Principals

Bancroft Uranium Inc. today wishes to advise the public as to the Company’s strong ongoing commitment to environmental principals, the health of its workers, the community and to the overall protection of the environment.

Bancroft believes that the production of emissions-free electricity via nuclear power generation is the only form of energy for the future that can have a significant, beneficial near-term impact on reducing fossil fuel dependence thus decreasing carbon emissions and as a result, having a positive affect on climate change.

Going forward, in the event of a production decision, Bancroft would be subject to and would need to comply with substantive environmental regulations. In Canada, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission is the national regulatory body as well as other stringent Federal and Provincial regulations such as those that come under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, The Fisheries Act, The Environmental Management and Protection Act, The Clean Air Regulations and The Mineral Industry Environmental Protection Regulations, just to mention a few.

Additionally, in direct response to past practices, mining law now requires mine operators to reclaim land disturbed by mining. Bancroft will be required to incorporate reclamation and decommissioning plans as part of the Environmental Impact Study that will form part of Bancroft’s application for a mining license. The Company will also be required to post a bond to guarantee reclamation of all public and private lands.

With respect to safety of our workers, Bancroft requires all employees at the Monmouth project site to wear dosimeters which are regularly monitored. Routine monitoring of air, dust and surface conditions will also be instituted. If the Monmouth Project goes into production it will be utilizing a gravity separation milling process which utilizes a closed water system which would be recycled, reused and thoroughly cleaned. Metallurgy has shown that 91.4% of the U3O8 can be removed by a first pass, simple gravity circuit. No hazardous chemicals are envisioned to be used in this process.

The Company also intends to apply for I.S.O. certification in accordance with the I.S.O. 14001 standard for environmental management systems. In short, Bancroft is convinced that it can conduct mining operations in a completely safe and sustainable manner on an ongoing basis that will meet standard environmental protection practices.

For inquiries from the public and media concerning the Monmouth Uranium Project please contact Greenspirit Strategies at 1-877-54 GREEN or 1-877-544-7336. For shareholder and investor information please contact investor relations at 1-866-860-2995.


Bancroft Uranium Inc. is an exploration Company which intends to develop Uranium assets in North America. Bancroft’s initial asset, the Monmouth Uranium Project is envisioned to have the potential of a low cost, open pit uranium producer located close to infrastructure and end product buyers.

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