Franklin Expands Scope of Assay Analysis at Escala

Franklin Expands Scope of Assay Analysis at Escala

Wednesday, August 13th 2008

Franklin Mining, Inc. Vice President of Operations for International Mining, Howard Dunn, P.E., has advised the Franklin Board of Directors that based on the excellent results of the Escala Mine’s tier II sampling results, additional samples to extend the potential mineralized area and confirm earlier tests have been prepared and submitted for precious metal evaluation. A preliminary report following laboratory analysis is expected to be received from SGS Lakefield Research Limited within three weeks.

In addition, provisions for mineralogical and hydrometallurgical flotation studies are anticipated to be complete within 10 days. These studies will help define the grind size, associated mineralogy and metal associations, and treatment necessary to provide marketable concentrate materials from the Escala Mine. Further information on the Escala Mine, including initial assay reports, is available at

The Escala Mine was established during the Spanish colonial period and has been mined for lead, zinc, gold and silver. In 2007, Franklin Mining, Bolivia (a wholly owned subsidiary of Franklin Mining, Inc.) negotiated an agreement with the National Mining Company of Bolivia (COMIBOL) to resume mining operations within the area of the original concession.

About Franklin Mining, Inc.: Franklin Mining, Inc. has mining and energy interests in the United States and Bolivia as well as energy interests in Argentina. Franklin Mining, Bolivia is a wholly owned subsidiary. Franklin Mining, Inc. holds 51% ownership in both Franklin Oil & Gas, Bolivia S.A. and Franklin Oil & Gas International S.A. Additional information is available at

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