India: Iron ore production doubles in 5 years

India: Iron ore production doubles in 5 years

Iron ore production in the country has almost doubled during the past five years, with the private sector’s share in total production showing marked improvement.

Exports up 260 pc

Exports also have gone up by around 260 per cent during this period, according to the figures placed by the Ministry of Mines in Parliament on Wednesday.

According to Government data, the share of private sector in the total iron ore produced in 2001-02 was 41,128 thousand tonnes (47.69 per cent).

The private sector’s share has improved significantly since then, touching 95,437 thousand tonnes in 2005-06 out of a total production of 1,54,250 thousand tonnes, accounting for 61.87 per cent.

The share of public sector companies came down from 52.31 per cent in 2001-02 to 38.13 per cent in 2005-06.

Overall production grew by 78.89 per cent, from 86,226 thousand tonnes in 2001-02 to 1,54,250 thousand tonnes in 2005-06.

Export of iron ore witnessed a quantum jump from 23,086 thousand tonnes in 2001-02 to 83,166 thousand tonnes in 2004-05, marking a growth of 260.24 per cent.


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