Million Tons

Million Tons

The leading U.S. trucking industry trade group laid out a plan to cut fuel consumption and emissions over the next 10 years, mostly by urging members and the public to slow down.
The American Trucking Associations, whose members include FedEx Corp., UPS Inc. and Con-way Inc., said it now costs more than $1,000 to fill a […]

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Some 20,000 tons of coking coal have been produced at the Elegesta Coal Field, in the Republic of Tuva, during a month of the technological development of coal seams. The Elegesta Coal Field is one of the world’s larges deposits of coking coal. The technological development of coal seams created conditions for the installation of […]

May 4th, 2008 Tags: America, Asia, Coal, commercial, Company, Export, Itar-Tass, Million Tons, Russia, Russian, United States

Unavailability of valuable iron ore from Jharkhand’s Chiria mines may seriously affect the long-term expansion plans of Steel Authority of India (SAIL). According to a top SAIL official, the very existence of the PSU will be at stake if it does not get iron ore from Chiria.
The official said that the present iron ore reserves […]

April 19th, 2008 Tags: India, Iron Ore, Its Mine, Jharkhand, Kerala, metal, Million Tons, mine, Mines, mining, Orissa, SAIL, steel, Sual

Leases on vast state-owned coal tracts in southeastern Montana will be offered for bid by the end of the year, but possibly not in time to fulfill an investment bank’s request for an expedited timeline, state officials said.
A London-based bank, Rothschild, had requested the state put the Otter Creek coal tracts near Ashland up for […]

April 19th, 2008 Tags: Ashland, bank, Brian Schweitzer, Coal, Company, Eastern, Great Northern Properties, Houston, Investment Bank, London, Mike, Million Tons, mine, Mines, mining, Montana, Otter Creek, State Government

Japanese gas utilities want to provide Indonesia with technology that would allow it to produce gas from coal, in exchange for a stable supply of liquefied natural gas to Japan, a senior industry official said Thursday.
“Coal-to-gas technology has been there for a decade or so,” said Kunihiro Mori, managing director of the Japan Gas Association. […]

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The Iraqi Oil Ministry invited local and international companies to submit offers to supply the country with about two million tons of refined petroleum products in the second half of the year.
Iraq has the world’s third-largest known crude oil reserves with an estimated 115 billion barrels but suffers acute shortages of refined products such as […]

April 17th, 2008 Tags: Crude Oil, crude oil reserves, Gas, Gasoline, Iraq, Million Tons, Oil, Oil Ministry, oil refiner, oil reserve, oil reserves, Petroleum, petroleum product, petroleum products, refined petroleum products, refined products

Lobbyists have reported spending more than $789,000 during the ongoing debate over two proposed coal-fired power plants in southwest Kansas, most of it on efforts to sway public opinion.
Opponents of the plants initially reported putting far more money into their public relations campaign. But since the year began, supporters have reported six times as much […]

April 16th, 2008 Tags: Alexandria, Center, Chesapeake Energy, Chesapeake Energy Corp, clean energy, Coal, coal plants, coal-fired plants, Company, Energy, Energy Corp., energy policy, Environment, finance, Ford, Gas, gas emissions, greenhouse gas, greenhouse gas emissions, Kansas, law, Lee, Million Tons, mining, Natural Gas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, Oman, Peabody, Peabody Energy, Peabody Energy Corp., Plains, Power, Power Corp., public relations, Resources, Southwest, St. Louis, Steve, Sual, SUN, use gas

South Africa exported 30.336-million tons of iron ore in 2007, which represents an increase of 16 percent year- on-year. According to Yieh Corp, which is affiliated with Taiwan’s biggest privately owned steel group the E-United Group, 2007’s figures were 4.175-million tons up on the 26.161-million tons exported by South Africa in 2006.

The bulk of the imports […]

March 30th, 2008 Tags: Africa, China, Export, Exports, Germany, Iron Ore, Japan, Million Tons, mining, South Africa, steel, steel group, Taiwan

Aluminum Corp. of China, the country’s biggest aluminum maker, said Tuesday that its net profit fell 13.7 percent in 2007 due to lower product prices.
The company, also known as Chinalco, said its 2007 net profit fell to 10.2 billion yuan ($1.4 billion) compared with net profit of 11.8 billion yuan in 2006, it said in […]

March 19th, 2008 Tags: Alcoa, Alcoa Inc., Aluminum, China, Company, Earnings, Energy, Exchange, Hong Kong, Kong, Million Tons, mining, Price, Prices, Rio Tinto, Rio Tinto PLC, Shanghai, Shares, Trade, yuan

Against a backdrop of rising iron ore prices, Brazilian steel producers should maintain high profit margins relative to their global peers during 2008, according to Fitch Ratings. Brazilian steel companies enjoy important competitive advantages, including modern production facilities, close proximity to sources of iron ore and a highly concentrated domestic market, which limits competition based […]

March 15th, 2008 Tags: America, Arcelor, Brazil, Chicago, Christopher, Coal, Companhia Vale, Companhia Vale do Rio Doce, Company, Earnings, Energy, Environment, Export, Exports, firewall, Fitch Ratings, IGHL, Iron Ore, iron ore mining, Japan, Latin America, Market, media relations, metal, Million Tons, Minas Gerais, mine, Mines, mining, Mobil, New York, Price, Prices, public site, Purchases, Resources, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Doce, steel, steel consumption, steel demand, steel industry, steel mill, steel mills, steel prices, steel producer, steel producers, steel production, steel products, Steelmakers, Sual, supply chain, Trade

BHP Billiton Ltd, the world’s biggest mining company, said a fire burned for over an hour today at a screening area in the Nelson Point iron ore port in Western Australia.
It is assessing the damage from the fire, Samantha Evans, a BHP spokeswoman, said by telephone from Melbourne. There were no injuries and workers weren’t […]

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Eskom has increased the coal stockpiles at power stations to an average of thirteen days, the utility said on Saturday. Spokesperson and chief generation officer, Brian Dames, said of the five power stations with the lowest stockpile-days only one remained below the desired level.

Eskom announced that it aimed to secure 45 million tons of coal over […]

March 9th, 2008 Tags: Coal, Eskom, Maine, Million Tons, mining, Power

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