Samson Oil & Gas Provides Operational Advice

Samson Oil & Gas Provides Operational Advice

Samson Oil & Gas Limited announced today that the Leonard #1-23H well being drilled in the North Harstad Oil Field spudded on Sunday, October 12th, has set surface casing at a depth of 2,270 feet, and is preparing to drill ahead.

This well is located adjacent to the producing Harstad #1-15H well.

The Leonard #1-23H will target the Bluell Formation, which is currently producing about 100 BOPD from the Harstad #1-15H well. The Leonard #1-23H well is expected to be vertically drilled 10,000’ down to the Bluell, then kicked-off horizontally to the southeast, while staying within the Bluell zone for a distance of approximately 5,000 feet. The Bluell Formation is expected to be stimulated using state-of-the-art technology, which will include external casing packers such that the well is stimulated along its entire horizontal length. This completion design is expected to enhance the production performance of the new well.

Davis Bintliff #1 (12.5% before payout, 9.725% after payout)

The Davis Bintliff #1 well is currently being completed and a work over rig has been mobilized and the well bore has been logged to establish the cement bond such that the completion design can be finalized. The well is expected to be perforated and tested during the week of October 20th such that reservoir pressure and expected flow rates can be established.

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