Sand making machine, Sand maker

Sand making machine, Sand maker

Sand Making Machine (namely PCL Vertical shaft impact crusher) is of high-power and low-consumption, which is designed depending on several year’s hard work and study of mechanical mining equipment.

Sand Making Machine absorbed the advanced technology of the same products of Barmac Company of America, now is of the international level. Sand Making Machine plays an important role in crushing minerals into pieces.

PCL Vertical shaft impact crusher is widely used in all kinds of mineral, cement, corhart, bauxite chmotte, carborundum grain, glass raw material, machine made construction sand, stone stock and all kinds of metallurgy slag, especially carborundum, sintered bauxite, magnesite, and so on material with features of very hard and anticorrosion.

And Sand Making Machine is more productive than other kind of crushers.

Sand Making Machine Working Principle:
Stone less than 50mm enters sand making machine though conveyor belt. Stone is crushed by hitting other stones. Material falls down to impellor cavity. Under great centrifugal force, it hits material that coming downwards. After hitting each other, they force a vortex between impellor and shell, and hit each other several times, finally smaller stone comes out, and goes to vibrating screen. Satisfactory material is transported to sand washing machine, however overlarge material will go back to sand making machine to be recrushed. Output sizes can be made according to customer’s requirement. If input size is larger than the designed size, other crushing equipment will be necessary.

Sand Making Machine Characteristics:
Simple structure and low operating cost; high efficiency and low consumption; has the function of fine crush and crude grinding; slightly influenced by the moisture content of material, and the max moisture content is 8%; more suitable for crushing mid-hardness and high-hardness materials; cubic shape of final products, high density of piling up and low iron pollution; more wearable and easy maintenance; low working noise and light dust pollution

Models:PCL600 ~ PCL1350 Model: PCL600 Rotate speed of impeller (r/min): 2000 – 2600 Max feed size (mm): 30 Power (Kw): 2ã—30 Weight (including motor) (t): 5.6 Output capacity (t/h): 15

Overall dimensions (mm): 2500ã—1600ã—2260

Model: PCL750 Rotate speed of impeller (r/min): 1600 – 2100 Max feed size (mm): 35 Power (Kw): 2ã—45 Weight (including motor) (t): 7.5 Output capacity (t/h): 25

Overall dimensions (mm): 2780ã—1800ã— 2700

Model: PCL900 Rotate speed of impeller (r/min): 1300 – 1700 Max feed size (mm): 40 Power (Kw): 2ã—55 Weight (including motor) (t): 12 Output capacity (t/h): 35

Overall dimensions (mm): 3900ã— 2160ã—2770

Model: PCL1050 Rotate speed of impeller (r/min): 1100 – 1450 Max feed size (mm): 45 Power (Kw): 2ã—110 Weight (including motor) (t): 16 Output capacity (t/h): 50

Overall dimensions (mm): 4660ã—2450ã—3660

Model: PCL1250 Rotate speed of impeller (r/min): 950 – 1200 Max feed size (mm): 45 Power (Kw): 2ã—132 Weight (including motor) (t): 22 Output capacity (t/h): 80

Overall dimensions (mm): 5600ã—2950ã—4000

Model: PCL1350 Rotate speed of impeller (r/min): 900 – 1200 Max feed size (mm): 50 Power (Kw): 2ã—160 Weight (including motor) (t): 26 Output capacity (t/h): 100

Overall dimensions (mm): 5340ã—2940ã—3650

Notice: Any change of Sand Making Machine technical data shall not be advised additionally

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