Significant Breakthrough on Hotish for Dios

Significant Breakthrough on Hotish for Dios

Management of DIOS EXPLORATION INC. is very pleased to report a significant exploration breakthrough on its wholly owned Hotish project. A uranium bearing radioactive lithological unit over some 1 kilometer wide and extending in strike over several more kilometres was discovered in the field in association with the previously defined 3 kilometer long linear helicopter borne spectrometric uranium anomaly (by over 750 m wide). This geological unit is not structural related, as was first thought due to the related linear airborne magnetic feature: the magnetic lineaments are effectively geological features, but correspond to geological contacts, the contacts of a large metasedimentary unit envelope, a priority target.

DIOS completed two diamond drilling holes and the right radioactive rock types were recovered. The holes are 150 m and 200 m long, respectively, located almost one kilometer apart along the extent of the outcropping several kilometre long uranium anomalous geological horizon and perpendicular to the horizon. The occurrence of uranophane, pithchblende, very radioactive biotite concentrations (probably in association with black uranium minerals) along the core are very encouraging signs for exploration. Major research work is in progress to understand the geology of the area, including the testing of possible crosscutting structures across the favourable horizon.

Environmental issue

DIOS has undertaken this summer the cleaning up of old camp sites on its exploration property left over from the sixties and probably the seventies by other parties. Furthermore, all drilling muds are recovered and put into sealed drums.

Following encouraging results on the HOTSIH property, Otish Basin, Quebec, Canada, management is pretty enthusiastic for the rest of the diamond drilling campaign, as these are the results of prospecting and research work on only one of the target areas on the property. DIOS delineated at least seven other prospective areas to focus on.

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