South African Mining Companies Set to Employ RocmecS Thermal Fragmentation Mining Method

South African Mining Companies Set to Employ RocmecS Thermal Fragmentation Mining Method

Rocmec Mining inc. announce that it has begun to introduce its exclusive and patented thermal fragmentation mining method in South Africa, an important market for narrow-vein mining.

During a recent week long trip to South Africa, management engaged in productive talks with major precious metal mining companies. Industry experts were made aware of the functionalities and advantages of Rocmec’s exclusive and patented thermal fragmentation mining method.

In addition to appreciating the fact that the technology responds to the need for increased mechanization and dilution control, the companies demonstrated significant interest when informed that the thermal fragmentation unit had other applications, such as, excavation of drop raises (breaking points). When applied to excavate drop raises, the thermal fragmentation method distinguishes itself from the vast majority of conventional methods currently used on the African continent by saving time and reducing costs.

Proposals pertaining to narrow-vein mining and drop raises requested by these major mining companies are being completed and will be forwarded within the coming days. In order to successfully penetrate the African market, Rocmec will employ the services of an experienced mining service contracting firm already well established in South Africa. The two main elements that guided Rocmec’s choice in selecting the firm were mining knowledge and a philosophy to deliver quality work.

In summary, Rocmec continues to keep the focus on its growth objectives by; developping its Rocmec 1 mine site in Canada, its thermal fragmentation contract in the United States (see press release dated September 11th, 2008) and the introduction of its exclusive and patented thermal fragmentation mining method on the African continent.

Rocmec Mining’s growth strategy is focused on developing quality assets that will significantly enhance shareholder value by using the thermal fragmentation method throughout the Americas to extract narrow vein ore bodies. By utilising the thermal fragmentation method in combination with conventional mining methods, the company aims to become a mid-tier gold producer. In addition, by providing service agreements, the company intends to generate additional revenue and accelerate the spread of this unique technology.

The Thermal Fragmentation Mining Method video can be viewed on Rocmec’s website or by clicking the following link:

Rocmec Mining Inc. is a Canadian junior exploration company actively involved in the acquisition, exploration and development of precious metal projects. The Company’s exclusive thermal fragmentation process combined with its growth strategy positions it as the partner of choice for the development of narrow high-grade precious metal quartz vein projects. The Company’s shares are listed on the TSX-Venture (RMI) and the FSE (D5O) exchange.

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