U.S. Uranium Industry to Produce 20 Million Pounds by 2012

U.S. Uranium Industry to Produce 20 Million Pounds by 2012

Uranium Producers of America Executive Director Jon Indall told StockInterview.com,”It’s fairly apparent this industry, in the next four to five years, could be producing in the range of 20 million pounds.” Questioned about the big jump from about two to three million pounds of current uranium mining production, Indall explained, ”Conservatively, five to six years, but maybe even sooner.”

Asked about the looming uranium supply shortage, reverberating through the nuclear industry and uranium mining sector, Indall told StockInterview, ”BHP and Cameco are aggressively trying to increase their production. They wouldn’t be doing that if they didn’t think there was a market for it.”

Commenting upon the re-emerging U.S. uranium mining sector, and its relation to the world’s far larger production centers, especially in Canada, Indall told StockInterview, ”The U.S. market and the U.S. government are so critical to the health of all suppliers, in my opinion, because our government has done more to help and harm domestic and worldwide production than any other entity. I think foreign producers would be wise to recognize that having a viable U.S. industry, which senators and the congressmen care about, because they’re creating jobs and income in their states, is not a bad thing.”

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