Vena Appoints Designated Sponsor for XETRA

Vena Appoints Designated Sponsor for XETRA

Vena Resources Inc. is pleased to announce that the Company’s shares have been accepted for continuous trading on the German electronic trading platform Xetra® under the ticker symbol “V1R.DE”. The International Security Identification Number (ISIN) number is CA9225891063.

The electronic trading system Xetra® is utilized to trade approximately 300,000 international instruments. As one of the fastest trading systems in the world with a round-trip-time at only two milliseconds, Xetra® has a market share of over 90 percent of equity trading in Germany.

Vena has appointed Silvia Quandt & Cie. AG (“Silvia Quandt”) to support biw Bank fur Investments und Wertpapiere AG which facilitated the Xetra® listing as its designated sponsor on Xetra®. The designated sponsor will work to facilitate higher liquidity in stock trading of Vena common shares by maintaining a constant quotation volume (minimum trade volume) to ensure tradability is guaranteed – even in highly volatile market periods. Silvia Quandt will support Vena with its capital markets network, in particular through contact with their extensive investor network.

Juan Vegarra, Chairman and CEO of Vena Resources, stated, “The Xetra® listing marks a further step in Vena’s commitment to its shareholders to enhance the liquidity of the Company’s common shares and is one of many initiatives we are taking to further increase market awareness for our Company. There is established interest and expertise in Frankfurt in mining and exploration companies, and Frankfurt, as well as being a major global financial centre, has the benefit of being located in the Eurozone. Several potential European investors have suggested that a continuously Xetra® listing will make it easier for them to invest in Vena. We are proud that from our point of view the best Xetra® specialist team in Germany has chosen Vena as a new client.”

“The basis of our success is an outstanding knowledge of equity markets, a reputable track record, a wide network with access to private and public equity, and a strong acumen in the placement of securities. We will ensure an improved attractiveness of Vena shares. This objective will be achieved through active trading, direct investor approach and specific marketing, which we’ll promote in cooperation with our sales team. A generally visible valuation discount due to limited liquidity will be reduced and therefore should generate an increased interest of institutional investors in Vena Resources”, commented Mr. Sascha Guenon, Head of Designated Sponsoring at Silvia Quandt.

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