Vile Storms Hit Bulgaria, Strand 18 in Mine

Vile Storms Hit Bulgaria, Strand 18 in Mine

Violent thunderstorms dampened the spirits of many Bulgarians hoping to greet the first sunrays in the tradition of July Morning.

Throughout the night many other Bulgarian towns were submerged and eighteen men were blocked underground in a mine in Vidin at the Danube.

At some places large hails accompanied the storm and areas in the capital awoke with ice piled on the streets in the height of summer. The strong winds snapped electricity poles and many towns and villages were left in the dark. Employees of “Gips” mining company spent several hours in a mine shaft waiting for electricity to be restored. They were rescued as soon as the power was back on, and no one was hurt.

All over the country municipalities are struggling to cope with the effects of the nighttime storms.

The foul weather has caused so much damage in the region of Vidin that Mayor Ivan Tsenov has called his crisis staff, who had little time to rest since the problems with the overflowing river.

The city was left without water for about four hours, as electricity shortage incapacitated four of the six drainage pumps. A total of 50 litres of rain per square meter have poured over Vidin in the storm.

Mezdra has also been hit badly, and over 40 villages in the area are still waiting for electricity. Rooftops and windows have been busted and a 30-meter-high poplar was uprooted by the devastating winds.

Meteorologists predict more thunderstorms in the following days.

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