ADEQ cites Phelps Dodge over mine tailing dust

ADEQ cites Phelps Dodge over mine tailing dust

Phelps Dodge has been cited for alleged air quality violations at its Sierrita copper mine south of Tucson.
The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality says winds blew white, powdery tailings dust into nearby Green Valley on three separation occasions in the last few weeks.

Last Friday, crews hired by Phelps Dodge were brought in to clean up tailings dust that had been deposited the weekend before.

Today, A-D-E-Q issued a notice of violation to the company. The agency says Phelps Dodge has seven days to advise what immediate steps it’s taken to make sure winds don’t kick up the dust again. And, the company has 30 days to come up with a permanent solution.

A-D-E-Q says Phelps Dodge faces up to ten-thousand dollars in penalties per day for each of its violations.

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