Conway Releases Preliminary Results of Bulk Sampling on the Conway Paquin Property

Conway Releases Preliminary Results of Bulk Sampling on the Conway Paquin Property

December 2, 2008 Filed Under: Precious Metal  

Conway Resources Inc. announce the preliminary results of a bulk sampling program on the Conway and Paquin gold-bearing veins at its Conway Paquin property near Belleterre, in northwestern Quebec.

Preliminary results from check samples returned weighted average grades of 31.15 g/t gold for the Conway vein and 19.88 g/t gold for the Paquin vein.

“These spectacular results are very encouraging,” said Laurent Beaudoin, President and CEO of Conway Resources. “We had long suspected that drill results were underestimating the grades of these veins as we could see visible gold in the stripped veins on surface. This bulk sample would appear to confirm this assumption.”

Channel sampling was carried out on the Conway vein over a strike length of 200 metres. A bulk sample of 525.71 kilograms was systematically collected in seven large containers, and a check sample of 3.22 kilograms was taken from each container for analysis. On the Paquin vein, a bulk sample of 436.45 kilograms was collected in six containers over a strike length of 70 metres using the same procedure. The check samples for the Paquin vein were 2.64 kilograms in size. Samples were only taken for these two veins.

The Conway Paquin property lies in the western extension of the Belleterre gold mine concession and less than 500 metres from the mine, which produced 800,000 ounces of gold (2.18 million tonnes at an average grade of 10.73 g/t Au) from 1936 to 1959. The mineralization at the Conway Paquin property is similar to that of the Belleterre mine, occurring in quartz veins with visible gold and some sulphides. The Conway and Paquin veins average 70 cm and 50 cm in width respectively, and dip steeply to the south.

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