Firstgold Corp. Begins Leaching at Relief Canyon Mine

Firstgold Corp. Begins Leaching at Relief Canyon Mine

Firstgold Corp. said that it has received approval to begin application of cyanide on its new heap leach pad. Over the last 45 days, Firstgold has run one shift a day crushing and stacking ore in anticipation of receiving approval and has stacked approximately 170,000 tons of material. According to industry standards, Firstgold has taken regular samples from its conveyors at the beginning of each shift. Assays on these samples indicate an estimated average grade of 0.027 ounces of gold per ton. These results should not be taken to represent contained ounces on the pad, and are stated to serve as an indication as to the general quality of the material presently being processed.

Application of cyanide solution to the pad commenced on Friday, January 30. Additionally, as of January 25, Firstgold has also accelerated its crushing schedule and moved to two crushing shifts. This will allow for a much greater volume of material to be processed, as well as maximizing crusher efficiency.

Company Founder/COO Scott Dockter stated, “After rigorous NDEP inspections, we finally received permission to accept delivery and begin application of cyanide solution. Obviously, we are excited to be moving forward. We anticipate allowing the fluid to percolate through the system for about 7-15 days. This should allow us to begin selling gold in regular intervals mid-February.”

Over the last 24 months, Firstgold has spent approximately US $16 million developing a processing facility at Relief Canyon, located outside Lovelock, Nevada, on the site of the previously producing Pegasus Gold Mine. Firstgold currently leases over 10,000 acres of prime exploration property in Nevada. Additional information about Firstgold Corp. can be found by visiting its web site at

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