Franklin Mining Announces Cerro Rico Third Vein Shows Potential Reserves of Over 8 Million Ounces of Silver

Franklin Mining Announces Cerro Rico Third Vein Shows Potential Reserves of Over 8 Million Ounces of Silver

Franklin Mining, Inc. (Other OTC:FMNJ.PK) is pleased to announce today the significant value of the Cerro Rico Third Vein.

The Third Vein of the Cerro Rico is called A. Barreno. According to the prospective reserve reports provided to Franklin Mining by COMIBOL, A. Barreno and its branches is believed to contain approximately 1,079,358 tons of ore, 237,289 kilos of silver and 56,194 metric tons of zinc, roughly 8,367,777 ounces of silver and 123,626,800 pounds of zinc.

Franklin Mining, Bolivia (a subsidiary of Franklin Mining, Inc.) recently announced its partnership with COMIBOL (the Bolivian national mining company) on four veins of the Cerro Rico Mine.

The combined estimated reserves for the San Miguel vein, Mesa Pata vein and the A. Barreno vein is about 599,609 kgs of Silver, 147,898 tons of zinc and 9,881 tons of tin, yielding approximately 21,144,629 ounces of silver, 325,742,416 lbs of zinc and 21,777,724 lbs of tin.

“The potential of the third vein with its branches has exceeded our expectations. The information provided to us by COMIBOL is exciting, and we will begin to review and analyze the details provided as well as the potential reserves for the remaining vein,” stated Jaime Melgarejo, President of Franklin Mining, Inc.


About Franklin Mining, Inc.:

Franklin Mining currently has interests in Bolivia and the United States and opened a wholly owned subsidiary in Bolivia. Franklin Mining, Inc. Bolivian subsidiaries include Franklin Mining, Bolivia and Franklin Oil & Gas, Bolivia. For information about Franklin Mining, Inc. visit our website:

About Cerro Rico Mine:

The Cerro Rico Mine is considered by many to be the richest silver mine in the world. Rich in zinc and silver, it has been actively mined since the 1500s and is in operation today. Cerro Rico is owned by Bolivia’s national mining company, COMIBOL.


COMIBOL is the government owned mining company in Bolivia. COMIBOL owns the CERRO RICO mines as well as many other properties and mineral rights in Bolivia.

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