Lorentz submersible solar Pump

Lorentz submersible solar Pump

Lorentz was established in Hamburg, Germany and has been a quality designer and manufacturer of Solar Pumps since 1993. Through the innovative electronic controlling, manufacturing quality and a simple design, Lorentz has managed to reduce the high cost of solar water pumping. Their submersible helical rotor pumps consist of only two parts, Lorentz’s brushless motors are water filled and maintenance free, while the electronics are not inside the submerged motor but easily accessible on the surface.

The helical rotor solar pump can deliver up to 39,000 litres of water per day, and the centrifugal pump can deliver up to 137,000 litres of water per day. These pumps can lift water up to 240 metres, which is astounding for a solar pump.

Energy Matters provide simple DIY installation kits and the pumps are virtually maintenance free and come with a two year manufacturer’s warranty. The solar pumping system includes Lorentz Submersible Solar Pump, Lorentz PS1200 Controller, motor, plugs for connecting all components, low level switch, splice kit (i.e. lugs and heat shrink), and a circuit breaker. The kits optionally include dry running protection, and solar arrays consisting of Sharp solar panels or Uni-solar amorphous modules.

The PS1200 solar controller controls the pump system and monitors operating states. It is mounted on the surface (with no electronic parts submerged). It has two control inputs for well probe (dry running protection), float or pressure switches, remote control, etc. The PS1200 solar controller also includes speed control, integrated maximum power point tracking (MPPT) and battery operation.

The brushless DC motor contains no electronics. The dynamic slide bearings are made out of carbon and ceramic. The wetted material of the motor is made of rubber and stainless steel and is drinking water approved.

The applications of the solar pump include: irrigation, water bores, pond management, drinking water supply, pond management, livestock watering, topping up tanks

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