Mineral rich states object to proposals on mining

Mineral rich states object to proposals on mining

Chief ministers of three mineral rich states Wednesday opposed recommendations of a central government committee on the country’s mining policy saying they were against the interest of their states.

Naveen Patnaik of Orissa, Raman Singh of Chhattisgarh and Madhu Koda of Jharkhand discussed various problems of their states at a conclave here, a top official of the Orissa government told IANS.

They included royalty on coal, iron ore and other minerals and recommendations of Hoda Committee that are of concern to the states, the official said.

They also discussed issues on power sector like capacity addition in the state and equitable dispensation.

Accordingly, a joint memorandum was signed by the chief ministers to be presented to the prime minister, he said.

‘The Hoda committee has made certain recommendation which if accepted for implementation would have adverse impact on the ongoing industrial development and the people,’ the memorandum said.

‘Certain recommendations have also been made to curtail the powers of the states which they have been exercising.’

The Planning Commission had constituted a committee headed by retired bureaucrat Anwarul Hoda to review the 1993 national mineral policy.

Patnaik had last month sent a 10-page dissent note to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh protesting the recommendations.

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