Motorola Broadens Portfolio of Communications Solutions for the Mining Industry

Motorola Broadens Portfolio of Communications Solutions for the Mining Industry

Motorola Inc. unveiled the most recent enhancements to its portfolio of voice and data solutions for the mining industry – its enhanced MOTOMESH Solo wireless broadband network solution and its Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA)-approved HT750 portable two-way radio.

“Motorola voice and data solutions deliver real-time, reliable, business-critical communications that help ensure the safety of employees and security of assets,” said Leif Eriksen, director, Motorola’s Industry Solutions Group. “With decades of experience in communications for demanding environments and an ecosystem of world-class partners, Motorola offers a broad portfolio of innovative solutions for mining enterprises.”

Purpose-built wireless broadband

Industrialized locations like mining operations can present the ultimate test of wireless communication’s performance and reliability. MOTOMESH Solo single-radio networks are proven all over the world to deliver exceptional performance under the harshest, most challenging RF environments.

Operating in the 2.4 GHz frequency band, MOTOMESH Solo provides broadband connectivity well beyond the capabilities of WiFi technology. Motorola’s proprietary Mobility Enabled Access(TM) (MEA) technology automatically adapts to high multi-path, highly mobile environments. Its dynamic frequency assignment feature avoids other 2.4 GHz traffic automatically, while the client-router architecture extends the network as the subscriber units move throughout the mine environment. The recently launched One Point Wireless Manager enables complete visibility and control of this entire wireless network from a single computer console, with Google Earth network views.

“Our clients need a wireless network that works in the tough mining environment. Big equipment and constantly changing terrain often prevent WiFi from working well, if at all,” said Greg Bazar, vice president of sales and marketing at 3D-P. “The latest MOTOMESH Solo release offers mining enterprises an industrial-strength wireless networking solution from a company that knows outdoor wireless.”

Motorola’s MOTOMESH Solo mesh network solution is powered by a purpose-built equipment portfolio that offers an exceptional combination of cost-effectiveness, ruggedness and reliability in challenging RF environments. The product line includes a wide range of fixed access points and client devices to meet a variety of industrial needs.

Safe and reliable voice communications

Motorola’s HT750 two-way radios have stood the test of time, providing professionals in the private and public sector with reliable voice communications. Enterprises in the mining industry can now take advantage of this proven technology with the introduction of the MSHA-approved HT750 radio models. Approved for use in underground gaseous mines containing methane, these affordable two-way radios, including compatible audio accessories, can help maximize worker safety by enabling users to communicate with one another, while allowing them to concentrate on the job at hand. In addition, Motorola’s innovative X-Pand(TM) technology ensures audio quality is clean and crisp even in the noisiest environments.

“Mining operations require reliable communication capability among workers to better coordinate their activities in and outside the mine — resulting in increased productivity,” said Paul Cizek, director of Professional Commercial Radios, North America, Motorola. “More importantly, voice communication is essential to maximize worker safety in emergency situations. With the MSHA-approved HT750 portable two-way radios, workers can communicate with one another to quickly respond to an incident.”

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