Platina Energy Group, Inc on Production Estimate for Kentucky

Platina Energy Group, Inc on Production Estimate for Kentucky

Platina Energy Group, Inc is reported to have announced this week’s production estimate at 550 BOE for Kentucky. This includes 180 barrels of existing oil plus estimated field production for natural gas. At present pricing, roughly $75,000 for the week!

President, Blair Merriam, stated “Assuming no growth, with level production, the annualized income, basis the current common shares issued and outstanding, is almost 3.5 cents per share. Considering there is additional production from other fields, and new product is being added in Kentucky weekly, our revenue over the next twelve months could easily challenge our current stock price.”

Growth in Kentucky is significant for Platina. Probable production estimates could easily double or triple current rates over the near term. The Company toured investors over the recent days who were more than impressed with all of the developmental achievements and have promised to post their independent video recordings onto YouTube in the near future.

Platina Energy is an environmentally responsible, fast growing E&P strategic reserve Company. Since organization in 2005, it has acquired proven producing and proven non-producing reserves in addition to other possible reserves. The Company also owns rights to German Inspired oil extraction technology. The Company continues to be aggressive in developing and acquiring new and existing producing fields.

Source: Platina Energy Group, Inc.

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