University Of Petroleum Enhances Three-Campus Network With Nortel Solution

University Of Petroleum Enhances Three-Campus Network With Nortel Solution

China’s University of Petroleum (UPC), a major engineering university, is enhancing the network connecting its three separate campuses with a Nortel solution to improve communications and ensure easy online access to advanced learning resources for 40,000 students.

Connecting existing UPC campus networks in Beijing, and Dongying and Qingdao in East China’s oil-rich Shandong province, the upgraded Nortel communications platform supports the exchange of information in real-time, regardless of location, as well as access to high-bandwidth, Internet-based services such as distance learning, Web-based multimedia collaboration, video conferencing and VoIP.

“With campuses located in three remote locations, converging our multiple voice and data networks into a single infrastructure provides a powerful platform for meeting the evolving communication needs of students, teachers and the university administration,” said Wang Jian, director of the Information Center at the University of Petroleum, East China. “Nortel supplied the converged campus networks for our two Shandong campuses in 2004, and the Beijing network the following year. The performance, reliability and stability of these networks were key factors in selecting Nortel to implement the next phase of improvements to our network.”

“Whether students attend classes in Beijing or at a Shandong campus, or pursue studies remotely as one of UPC’s 6,000 online students, the ability to use the Internet for interactive multimedia collaboration and real-time access to UPC’s teaching and research resources makes an important contribution to their educational experience,” said Stephen Tsui, chief operating officer and president, Enterprise Solutions, Greater China, Nortel. “Empowering schools and universities with access to the latest networking technologies is a strong component of Nortel’s commitment to China.”

At the core of the Nortel solution for UPC is the Nortel Ethernet Routing Switch (ERS) 8600. Providing a resilient, secure and intelligent network, the ERS 8600 enables Terabit performance and network-wide delivery of applications such as VoIP over 10-gigabit Ethernet links. A Nortel ERS 1600 is being deployed to provide additional support for converged applications, and a series of Nortel Ethernet Switches for high throughput and high-density desktop connectivity. A Nortel Backbone Link Node Router will ensure top network performance with a forwarding rate of 1.4 million packets per second.

The UPC solution also includes Nortel Application Switches to provide application availability, performance and security, as well as a Nortel VPN Router 1750 for the secure transfer of finance-related data between the two Shandong campuses.

More than 10,000 education customers worldwide have installed communications solutions from Nortel. In China alone, Nortel has provided campus networks to Jinan University, Shenzhen University, Anhui University for Science and Technology, Yunnan Art University, China Ocean University and to a network of 24 universities across six provinces of western China. At present, over 300,000 Chinese students enjoy easy access to the Internet and educational resources through Nortel communication technologies.

SOURCE: Nortel

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