Vena Resources Expands Uranium Drill Program in Lagunillas

Vena Resources Expands Uranium Drill Program in Lagunillas

Vena Resources Inc. announce that after extensive radiometric and magnetic surveys in the Timpacaya area, several additional uranium targets have been identified.

Ongoing exploration activities have resulted in the discovery of new targets in the Timpacaya area where spectrometer/scintillometer radiometric surveys have identified areas with counts per second (CPS) values averaging 934 and the anomalies appear to be open in all directions. Minergia S.A.C., a company owned by Vena and Cameco Global Exploration Ltd. (Cameco) has commenced drilling on several targets at the Ixsuya prospect and if drilling at Ixsuya proves encouraging, these recently identified targets will also be drill tested following completion of the Ixsuya drill program and after receipt of necessary permits.

The stratigraphic sequence is very similar to Ixsuya located to the east, which is dominated by carbonate-rich sandstone-limestone sedimentary units with thin chert lenses intermixed with shale lenses. The objective of the drill program in the Timpacaya area will be to test the radiometric anomalies and extent of the volcanic sedimentary sequence covering an area of seven hectares with a few drill holes, if the Ixsuya drill results warrant (see attached map).

Locations for the drill program have been determined by Vena and Cameco geologists. Detailed geological mapping has been completed based on the radiometric survey results, radon emanometry (radon soil gas emissions) and geochemical sampling. When complete, the drilling results will be posted on the Company’s web site at

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