JC Data Signs Deal to Provide Automated Clearing House Deposit Services for Dallas Area Oil and Gas Exploration Company

JC Data Signs Deal to Provide Automated Clearing House Deposit Services for Dallas Area Oil and Gas Exploration Company

JC Data Solutions, Inc., a Manufacturer and Distributor of document management systems, announced today that it will provide Automated Clearing House Deposit (ACH) services for a Dallas-area independent energy company engaged in the exploration, production, development and acquisition of crude oil and natural gas.

The software, designed by JCDS for the Oil & Gas Industry, connects existing accounting systems to investor information to easily distribute payments, post investor statements to the web, do email notifications, print checks or statements, joint interest billing or any number of cost-effective data management programs including. One of the major benefits of Electronic Funds Transfer, or EFT, is disbursements to investors in a safe, secure and economical way, compare and contrast to the old method.

Cary Allen, Chief Executive of JC Data Solutions, Inc., said, “This Texas-based company has participated as the Operator in approximately 155 wells through the funding of approximately $139,500,000 in equity capital from its investors. Through our subsidiary company JC eFunds Solutions we provide several key advantages including a consistent direct deposit date for all distribution on a monthly basis as well as significantly reducing the amount of paper used in this process. It will save our customers thousands of dollars in needless expenses and produce a steady stream of recurring revenue for JC Data Solutions. In addition, our strategy is to continue marketing this unique service to many other oil and gas companies throughout the United States.”

About JC Data Solutions

JC Data Solutions provides comprehensive, innovative and cost-effective solutions for digital data processing and management. JC Data Solutions puts client data in digital formats that are easy to manage and store for Healthcare, Attorneys and the Oil and Gas industries.

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